The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: Living in a Hotel

I’m sure growing up many of you envied how Zach and Cody Martin, the main characters on Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zach & Cody, got to live in a hotel. Recently many UF students have gotten to experience this first-hand after The Grove, a new Gainesville apartment complex, was not completed in time for move-in. Is it really as “suite” as TV makes it seem? Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of living in a hotel (in my case, it's the Holiday Inn on University Avenue):

Good: There is free continental breakfast every morning!

Bad:  It consists of only coffee, bagels, cereal and bananas.

Good: You have a huge TV right in front of your bed.

Bad: Anything slightly inappropriate gets blocked (including Chelsea Lately!)

Good: A maid service cleans every day.

Bad: They won’t make your bed if you forget to take the pile of clothes and electronics off it.

Good: There’s a gym!

Bad: It consists of two ellipticals and a treadmill.

Good: Krispy Kreme, McDonald’s and Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza are right next-door.

Bad: Krispy Kreme, McDonald’s and Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza are right next door.

Good: You live within steps of campus.

Bad: You have to wait 10 years for the University Avenue traffic light to change.

Ugly: The Wi-Fi is terrible. There’s no upside to that.

Good: There’s a rooftop pool, and there’s no downside to that.

Do you think living in a hotel as awesome as it seems? It may be a dream come true for a weekend or two, but living in one long-term might quickly become a nightmare. Stay strong collegiettes™, and look on the bright side of life. You’ll be in your brand-new apartments soon!