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Getting Involved in UF's College of Journalism and Communications

The College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida uses both classroom lectures and immersion experiences to prepare students for job opportunities after graduation. Extracurricular activities provide students with hands-on work and add expertise to resumes. These programs and clubs help students in the CJC meet others with shared interests and learn how to work in a collaborative environment. If you’re a student in the College of Journalism and Communications, look no further for educational opportunities that promote personal growth.

Alpha PRoductions

Alpha PRoductions presents experience working with clients as an extracurricular for students. Although the program appeals traditionally to public relations, students of any major can apply and join. According to the Alpha Instagram, it’s the largest student-run public relations firm in the state of Florida. Each team takes on clients and is tasked with creating favorable images of a business or creating a plan for success. Amanda Carr, a third-year public relations major, is the account supervisor for the Tokyo 2020 Study Abroad client. Alpha allows students to apply what they learn in the classroom to working with paying companies. The program plans to hold recruitment during the upcoming fall semester to grow the staff for projects in the future. “Working in Alpha gives students an opportunity to gain real client experience,” Carr said. “Students should follow Alpha’s social media to stay updated on all things Alpha.”

The Agency

The Agency, located in Weimer Hall, catches eyes as its glass windows divide the brick walls. This advertising agency—led by professionals, staffed by students and inspired by faculty—is home to students seeking a creative outlet and real-world experience. According to The Agency’s website, members previously worked with big-name corporations such as NBC, McDonald’s and Orangetheory Fitness. Rachel Peterson, a second-year advertising major, works as the media coordinator by creating content, attending weekly meetings and making email templates. “The Agency is a wonderful way for students to gain experience and apply what they are learning in the classroom to a real experience,” Peterson said. “It has shown me what it is like to work in a professional agency.”

The Alligator

The Independent Florida Alligator newspaper resides in the Gainesville Sun on Southwest 13th St. The university is not affiliated with the newspaper, so reporters’ work is not censored and the university must be transparent. The Alligator allows students to learn the Associated Press style while getting their writing published in print. In addition, students gain experience before tackling a journalism internship or career after graduation. Dana Cassidy, a second-year journalism major, started at The Alligator during Summer 2018 and moved up to an editor position over time.

“Applying for The Alligator gives you the experience, the rigor and the training because it’s like journalism boot camp,” Cassidy said. “Solely because of my work at The Alligator, I secured an internship at The Palm Beach Post after my freshman year.”


If students are interested in sports communications, getting involved with GatorVision may be the way to go. This immersion experience allows students to learn about video board production, cameras, graphics and audio. Students of any major can get involved, but it particularly appeals to those pursuing a degree or career in sports media. According to the CJC Sports Immersion website, GatorVision is the “video production arm of the University Athletic Association.” Summerlyn Murray, a second-year telecommunications-production major, began to see Gator sports from a different perspective as she worked with video editing software and covered games.

“As a telecom-production major, video production is at the core of my studies,” Murray said. “The video editing experience I gained from GatorVision has allowed me to excel in my classes.”

No matter your major in the CJC, opportunities await. Different immersion experiences and extracurricular activities cater to those searching to gain real-world experience and involvement in the college.