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GenZ: The Older, The Wiser

Young women have so many influences impacting them each and every day. The news, trends, and social media have a firm grasp on the minds of young adults all around the world. Most importantly, the media can change the way a young woman views her closet and her body. Often times, whatever the youngest and most beautiful model or movie star is wearing and doing becomes popular and molds pop culture. What is normally overlooked are the things done by the older, more impressive movie stars and public figures that should — but don’t — influence pop culture.

Millennials are not our role models; I don’t think we should be looking up to women like Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner. Young women should be looking up to Generation Z: the women who have experienced it all, who have learned from their mistakes, who know how to handle the spotlight appropriately. Our mothers are wise and we appreciate that, so why would we not be amazed by the famous women who are mothers and wives and just amazing older women?

Amal Clooney is an amazing example of a mature, poised, and brilliant GenZ. Clooney is a lawyer and an activist. She studied at Oxford University and NYU before she began her remarkable law career and has been a part of several United Nations commissions and tribunals. In 2014, Amal really became a public figure by marrying George Clooney. She donated all the money they received from their wedding photos to a human rights charity. She has taken her small time in the limelight and made every second count towards positively impacting other people. Clooney is a woman who we should all aspire to be more like. Admirable and selfless actions shine through her daily, making her a GenZ role model.

Angelina Jolie has been very public about her struggles with her family’s history with ovarian and breast cancer. In 2013, Jolie had her ovaries and breasts removed as a preventative surgery. She became a public figure of strength and beauty for many women struggling with the same issues. Jolie also is a mother to three adopted children . Being such a strong woman after starting her career much like so many famous young women today is truly inspiring. Jolie was able to take her fame and turn from a dramatic tabloid into an amazing news story.

Jennifer Aniston has also grown since her divorce from Pitt. Her career took off when she starred as Rachel on the cast of Friends, and her career has continued to grow with lead roles in films like We’re the Millers, Cake, and He’s Just Not That Into You. Aside from her amazing film and television roles, Aniston is a supporter of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, starring in commercials and even hosting events such as the “Stand Up to Cancer” show in 2008.Aniston has also been named Saks Fifth Avenue’s Entertainment Industry Foundation ambassador for the Key to the Cure campaign, which raises funds for women’s cancers. She has made a name for herself in the world of famous people as a philanthropic and selfless woman. She has also made a name in our world as a talented actress and an amazing person. Aniston is doing the kinds of things with her fame that are noteworthy and admirable. Instead of creating expensive lipstick lines and writing songs about their ex-friends, Aniston is making the world a better place.

As young women we have the choice to look up to people the same age as us, who are none the wiser, just trying to live life, being exploited by the media, or we can look up to the women who have been in our shoes and are now living life in a way that is not regrettable. It is so important that we choose our role models wisely. Learning and being inspired by women whose struggles are placed on a national or even a worldwide platform can be difficult and even misleading.

Although the women we admire and want to look or dress like are mostly young and the same age as us, we all have to remember that they are no smarter than us and they don’t know anything we don’t already know. So who should we really be trying to act more like?

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