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GatorGlam: Traveling Troubles


Summer is quickly approaching, and whatever your summer plans may be, most include some form of traveling -- whether it be a short road-trip or jet-setting across the globe. As exciting as traveling might be, it undeniably takes a toll on our beauty regime. Here are a few easy tips to help you be on top of your appearance while letting that inner beauty still shine through:

1. Skip the foundation and moisturize instead! Wearing foundation while traveling will only add a level of high-maintenance to your look since you have to constantly be checking that it’s fresh and not glooping around your face. Skip the troubles and choose an airy tinted moisturizer that will continue to provide coverage but still let your skin breathe! If you absolutely cannot skip the foundation, make sure that you add a primer first. A primer will help the makeup stay put and look fresh even if you've been on a 12-hour flight.

2. Pack a mini-size blush or shimmer. Traveling can leave your skin looking shallow and dull, but quickly swiping a bit of color or shimmer will instantly perk up your complexion.

3. Wear waterproof mascara or knix the mascara completely. When traveling for long hours or when the trip requires a quick nap, normal mascara might not be your best option. If you want to avoid running streaks of black or pesky, black eye-buggers, try to swear off the mascara or wear waterproof for that period of time.

4. Treat your lips right. When traveling, you might not be hydrating as well as you regularly do, but it’s still important to keep your lips moisturized and happy. Skip wearing lipstick, and apply chapstick to keep the hydration going. If you want to add some color, try a long-lasting lip stain that won’t budge no matter how many on-the-road snacks you eat. I recommend NYC’s Smooch Proof Lip Stain!

5. Try not to wear colored nail polish if you are traveling for a longer period of time. Colored nail polish will show chips much more, and by wearing clear or light nail polish, you will look much more polished (pun intended). 

I hope these tips help you keep your beauty routine low maintenance, and allow you to enjoy your traveling — you deserve it! 

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