Gator Glam: Your Guide To Winter’s Warmest Coats

As winter approaches Florida, it can be tough to imagine that we would actually need a warm coat when it's still 89 degrees in November. This is especially true in The Swamp, where it can reach sweat-inducing temperatures well into the holiday season. However, there always manages to be about two or three weeks during the winter season when it is absolutely necessary to dress up warmly. For those times when Florida actually experiences cold weather, here are some of the hottest coats to keep you bundled up nice and snug.

1. Trench Coats
Trench coats are a classic staple that everyone should own at one point in their life or another. They offer a style that is universally flattering on every shape and size and a timeless look that endures even through the craziest of fashion seasons. Trench coats are also usually belted, which can create a nice hourglass figure instantly. As with any item that will last you a while, it is best to choose a quality trench coat (even if it is a little over budget). If you are willing to spend some extra cash, this taupe trench coat is a chic option. For a lower price, check out this cute trench coat from Forever 21.

2. Poncho Coats
Poncho coats may not be as common as trench coats, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try them! Poncho coats are a fun and trendy alternative to the usual winter coats, as they have a certain ambiance about them when worn. Think of walking down a cobblestone road with snow lightly falling as Christmas music plays, and you’ll have a general idea of the vibe these coats give off. If you prefer beige coats, Modcloth offers a gorgeous brown poncho as well as a maroon option. (For more on how to style with the color maroon, click here!)

3. Pea Coats
Pea coats are similar to trench coats at first glance, as both are considered a classic addition to any wardrobe. They differ mostly by length and fit, thanks to the pea coat’s short hem and broader shoulder and upper body room. Pea coats are also more likely to come in a wider range of colors, since beige is generally accepted as the staple hue for trench coats. This double-breasted wool blend pea coat comes in a variety of colors, and this pea coat has beautiful brass buttons for a more embellished look.

4. Parka Coats
Parkas can be found at just about any big teen or young adult retailer, making them perfect as a stylish emergency coat purchase if freezing cold weather suddenly occurs one day in The Swamp. Parkas are commonly made for really chilly weather, as they are knee-length and usually have a fur-lined hood to protect your head and face from the elements. However, there are lighter options for parkas as well, such as ones without a hood. For those chilly mornings, you will want one with a faux fur lining.

5. Puffer Coats
Puffer coats are perfect for those cold winter mornings when you just want to be cozy and warm in something comfortable. Most likely to be filled with down feathers, puffer coats are soft, squishy and ideal to wear when you want to give someone a nice hug or pretend to be a fashionable eskimo. Brands that offer some of the widest selections of puffer coats include sister companies Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch.

Even though winter is guaranteed to last a little under a month in Florida, it never hurts to look at some different styles of winter coats that are sure to make a lasting impression, even if only worn for a short time. From the classic to the trendy, you can be assured that even in the most dismal of Florida weather there is a coat out there for you. Now, we just have to wait until the temperature actually starts to drop… which might come soon.

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