Gator Glam: Dos and Don’ts of Finals Week

The part of the semester that every student dreads is fast approaching: finals week. Most of us will spend hours wasting away in Library West, completely forgetting what a mirror looks like. But, even as you’re huddled up in your cubby, you might need a few Gator Glam dos and don’ts on how to survive finals week the glamorous way!

DON’T go looking like you just rolled out of bed. You never know who you’ll see or how many people you could end up running into once you’re there (a.k.a. your crush!).

DO keep it classy and natural. Stick with light makeup and calm hair, and obviously look like you showered and feel presentable. You can stay simple, however, because there’s no need to get all dolled up for a date with your textbook. This will also help you stay productive!

DON’T look like you’re ready for Midtown. You’ll end up being uncomfortable, and you will probably wipe all of your makeup off anyways (or worse, you could smear it on your term paper … Gross!).

DO keep you hair out of your face. Do yourself a favor, and pull it back into a braid or ponytail. You don’t want it to get in the way or be another distraction (picking split ends instead of studying? Huge no-no!).

DON’T forget to eat. Bring healthy snacks and hearty meals if you plan on spending long days and nights in the library to ensure the utmost energy — something you won’t get from a vending machine.

DO wash your face when you get home from the library. Even though it may be late and you just want to hit the hay, there are thousands of germs on those desks that could show up on your face in the morning.

DON’T forget to drink water in between your coffee and energy drinks. Not only is staying hydrated necessary, but it’s also good for your skin and prevents it from drying out.

Some of these may seem obvious, but either way, these tips will keep you happy, healthy, and beautiful so you can ace finals week! Good luck, collegiettes™!