Gator Glam: Accessory Trends to Rock this Spring

One of the things that makes the fashion industry so unique and amazing is how quickly things come in and out of style. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the constant changes, but at least it always gives us something new to look forward to trying out each season. Here are six accessory trends to take your basic spring and summer outfits to another level.

1. Cross-body Bags

Convenience has never looked so good. This is the best purse to have when you’re on the go. Just slip it over your shoulder and forget about it. If you really want your purse to stand out this season, choose one in a soft pastel or bright color.

2. Skinny Belts

Spring and summer are the seasons for long and flowy dresses, which tend to sometimes make your body shape disappear within all the fabric. An easy way to fix this and create curves or show off what you already have is by using a skinny belt to cinch you in at the waist.

3. Chokers

This season’s chokers aren’t your typical '90s tattoo choker necklaces. If you’re tired of the same old statement necklace with tons of embellishments, a simple solid gold or silver choker is a nice alternative. Let your necklace do all the talking by keeping the rest of your outfit casual.

4. Color Block Shoes

Whether you prefer flats, wedges or something in between, you’ll be sure to find your perfect pair with two or more eye-catching colors. Shoes like this will instantly transform any boring outfit into a bright and playful one with the right pair.

5. Wooden Jewelry

Bring a little nature into any outfit with either a hint of wood detailing or something bolder like an entire cuff bracelet made of wood. Just like chokers, they prove you don’t need a lot of glitter and sparkle in your jewelry to make a statement this season.

6. Round Sunglasses

Channel your inner '70s or '80s girl with a pair of awesome round glasses these next few months. They’ll be your best friend while being outside in the sun or for your favorite music festival. These types of sunglasses tend to look the best on ladies with square, oval or rectangular face shapes. Always remember: Just because something has made its way down a runway does not mean you have to absolutely buy and wear it to stay in style. These are just starting points to create an outfit all your own. As always, keep looking good!