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Gator Glam: ’90s Trends That Are Here To Stay

Lately, it seems as if every desired item of clothing can be found at a thrift store, and I’m not complaining about it. If you watch any of your favorite childhood TV shows, you can find inspiration for a trendy outfit today. It’s easy to see how the fashion of the 1990s is making a comeback, and I hope that some of the '90s trends are here to stay! Here are some of the pieces that have outlasted the times and have been born again in our closets.

1. High-waisted bottoms

High-waisted shorts, jeans and skirts have been everywhere these past few years, and I would like to think it’s the best thing to come from this '90s revival. Boys can complain all they want, but this is how we’re meant to wear bottoms.

2. Combat boots

These boots can be seen all over campus, Midtown or the mall; they’re perfect for every occasion. Although these came from the grunge era, today they seem quite mainstream, and I’m glad because they look pretty good with my leggings and oversized sweater.

3. Crop tops/turtlenecks

Crop tops are the go-to Midtown essential for just about every girl in Gainesville. When it’s too cold for that to be socially acceptable, turtleneck tees will do the trick! I’m not really sure I know any girl who doesn’t love this comeback, so it’s safe to say this one will be around for a while.

4. Bold lipstick

Although I’d like to think that Mac cosmetics and college fashion are the reasons why I have a newfound love for dark lipstick, the women of the '90s have already been there and done that. Think Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, both pre-Brad Pitt.

5. Flannels

Another grunge-type trend, the flannel shirt is back in full force, and it's not just for woodsers. Whether it’s to keep us warm or stand as an accessory around the waist, flannels add a little edge to any outfit when you’re just too tired to try.

6. High socks

The high socks are also a winter piece that help us stay warm on those chilly nights out; they pair perfectly with our trendy booties or heels. With socks coming in numerous colors and patterns, nobody can have a problem channeling their inner Cher from Clueless.

7. Scrunchies

So I still haven’t decided how I feel about scrunchies being back in action because they remind me of when I was 10 years old and heading to cheer practice. But the scrunchie rockers will tell you they're much better for your hair, as they're softer on the strands and help prevent breakage.

I would like to personally thank the stylists and fashionistas of our childhood for creating killer get-ups and giving us the hand-me-downs. So before you blow your Bright Futures disbursement at the mall, swing by Goodwill or even check out your mom’s closet for some of these '90s trends that have survived over the years!

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Hi, my name is Kelli Eichorn. This spring I am a fourth year Telecommunications major, specializing in Media and Society and minoring in Anthropology. I love reading and writing, and have a strong passion for both print and broadcast journalism, as well as social media and it's influence on society. My dream is to one day write for a major fashion magazine. This is my fourth semester being involved with Her Campus and I am so excited to be serving as a blogger for GatorGlam! GatorGlam is a blog about beauty, makeup, and skin care for the "Florida" girl. Some of my favorite things include spending time with my sorority sisters, going to the beach, naps, animals, and listening to music.
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