Friendsgiving, As Told By Classic 'Friends' Moments

Spending every holiday with your family can be boring sometimes. I know I’m tired of being asked the same questions every year from distant relatives about what classes I am taking right now and the dreaded, “You need to start planning your future talk.” Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and Friendsgiving is the latest spin on the traditional holiday dinner. Whether you aren't able to go home to celebrate with your family or you choose to have a family dinner and a friends-only dinner, Friendsgiving can be an experience to remember. As a “Friends” enthusiast, I have learned a lot about what happens when you have Thanksgiving with your friends. Here are some lessons I have learned from my favorite "Friends" Thanksgiving episodes.  

There'll be drama.

Whether there is an unwanted guest or your friends are bickering, I have learned that holidays can make people feel stressed. Just remember not everything is going to be perfect, and try to look on the bright side if things don’t go the way you planned.

There's one friend who's a horrible cook.

Not everyone is blessed with great cooking skills. Most of my Thanksgivings were spent watching my mom cook from afar while I snacked on some cheese and crackers. So I’m not going to lie I would not want to be the person in charge of cooking the turkey. Even if your friends are not the best chefs, dinner will still be a blast. Friendsgiving is about creating special memories and sharing some laughs with your best friends.

There will be some friendly competition.

My best friends tend to be very competitive when it comes to winning a game. Whether it’s Uno or the annual thanksgiving football toss, my friends always have their eyes on the prize. Friendly competition is all in good fun, but I try to remind them that the most important part is just having a good time.

There's always that one friend who won’t stop eating.

Usually there is always that one friend that has no shame in taking several servings of the best side dishes and getting the first piece of pie. Can you really blame them though? Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal of the holiday season.

There will be nothing but love.

At the end of the day when you finally gather with your friends around the dinner table it is a great time to reflect on all your blessings. Be thankful you have such wonderful friends to share your life with.