Fitness with Finesse: Having your Cake, and Eating it, too


Have you ever had that craving? That intense feeling that if you don’t have the one thing that has taken over your mind, nothing else is going to get done? That if you aren’t consuming quite a bit of (insert unhealthy/ridiculously delicious item here) in the next hour, the world might very well end?

It happens to me all the time. It’s usually peanut butter. Or chocolate. Or peanut butter and chocolate. Perhaps peanut butter, chocolate, and a banana. Yum.

Regretfully, we can’t give in to every single one of our cravings. Although sometimes we decide that it’s girls night and our roommate doesn’t really care if we have a bit of pudge, there are other times when we have to sit and remind our brains and our stomachs that we are going to the beach in an hour and we have to keep the abs we have worked so hard to find.

For those days when our cravings get a little too inconvenient and way too unhealthy, here are some alternatives to keep us in check!

The Classic Chocolate 
If you’re a girl, you’ve probably had this problem. Rather than reaching for the nearest candy bar or triple chocolate brownie, try one of two things: whipped chocolate yogurt for your ice cream fix or chocolate covered cranberries for a somewhat nutritious munchie.


Something Sweet 
Got sugar on the mind? Look to fruits with higher sugar content like bananas or grapes; grab a chocolate chunk granola bar (look for options with 100 calories and less than three grams of fat); you could even try mixing peanut butter with steel-cut oatmeal and dark chocolate chips for a no-bake treat.

Something Salty 
Salt is tricky because it usually comes with carbs; I suggest pickles, which are virtually fat-free, cottage cheese, or sliced tomatoes with salt and pepper. If you can’t shake the craving for crunch, go for baby-sized Goldfish; eat five giant handfuls, and you will still be under 200 calories!

Carbs, Carbs, Carbs 
Lately, I have been trying to eliminate gluten from my diet; in the process, I have not only realized how much bread I eat, but also how much I love carbohydrates in general! Instead of chowing down on a PB&J, I spread peanut butter on a banana or grab some celery for a crunch factor. Broccoli and zucchini are also great options to still get some chomping in, or you can try a lettuce wrap instead of sandwich for the ultimate healthy upgrade.

When you know your craving just isn’t doing you any favors, don’t forget how easy it is to find foods that satisfy your taste buds and your healthy lifestyle!