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The Evolution of Going Out: Freshman to Senior Year, as told by Sex and the City

Going out in Gainesville is a fantastic thing to do regardless of your year in school. Every night holds a different possibility, and between all the options for nightly escapades in Midtown and downtown, you always have some sort of funny story to tell the next day. I have definitely noticed an evolution, however, from how people experience nightlife during their senior year of college compared to their freshman year. The evolution can be depicted by none other than the fabulous ladies of Sex and the City.

Freshman girls typically dress to impress.

But seniors are so sophisticated that they do not need to wear their cutest clothes to walk around town.

Younger girls seem to attract all the boys.

While older undergrads just can’t help but realize their appeal is diminishing.

Pre-gaming is essential for freshmen for all socials and nights on the town because underage drinking is not tolerated.

But seniors have reached the legal drinking age, and they definitely reap the benefits of open bar tabs and free drinks.

Freshmen are so fun and naive.

And seniors are still fun while watching the freshmen be naive.

When you ask a freshman if they want to go out on a Monday night, the asnwer is usually…

But when you ask a senior the same question, their answer is probably along the lines of…

After a night out, freshman girls be like…

Oh wait, seniors like McDonald’s fries at 2 a.m., too…

Whether this is your first or last year in college, the ladies of Sex and the City understand the struggles of going out at night. There are definitely pros and cons to both classes, but at the end of the day, we’re all just going out to have an amazing time and make memories. Stay fun, collegiettes!

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