Decorating Your Dorm During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is approaching, which is the perfect opportunity for college students to show their enthusiasm for the upcoming celebrations. The wintertime is unique because people splurge on decor in order to make their living space encapsulate the joy associated with the anticipated seasonal festivities. No matter which holiday you celebrate, there’s sure to be a way to decorate your dorm room despite the limited room available.

Bring the outdoors, indoors

When people think of Christmas, one of the first things that always come to mind is a full, green tree. Although dorms and apartments lack the space needed to fit a natural tree inside, retail stores offer smaller alternatives. According to Target’s website, they sell pre-lit artificial Christmas trees that fit practically anywhere in a room. For example, this includes the 2ft Pre-lit Alberta Spruce Clear Lights Artificial Christmas Tree - Wondershop™. In addition to the tree, customers can purchase string lights and ornaments to add that extra sense of cheer. One of the benefits of opting for the miniature fake trees is that they last for years unlike the much shorter life span of a real Christmas tree. Although one of the down sides of college living is the size restrictions of decor, stores offer great substitutes if you’re interested in bringing the outdoors onto the campus of the University of Florida.

Let’s get comfy

The cold weather that’s approaching pushes Floridians to indulge in holiday blankets and throw pillows. In addition to the comfort the home decor provides, they take dorm room aesthetics to the next level. Even the simplest addition of a blanket portrays the warmth of the holidays. The Buffalo Check pattern is a trademark of the season and is incorporated among many pillows and blankets this time of year. Customers can find such products on the Hobby Lobby website or in stores nationwide. In my personal opinion, these items are my favorite to shop for because of the unique qualities each pillow has to offer. Also, the blankets are perfect for snuggling up during a holiday movie on a chilly night.

The most wonderful scents of the year

During the wintertime, Bath & Body Works is one of my favorite places to explore. From hand soaps to candles, the company has become the mastermind behind the scents we associate with Christmas. In order to add festivity to your dorm room, consider purchasing a candle, wallflower or room spray. Before you spend your money on these items, be sure to make yourself aware of the regulations of your living area. Candles can be a fire hazard and sprays may trigger asthma attacks among people. According to the Bath & Body Works website, they offer body care, hand soaps and home fragrance products. If customers prefer earthy candles they can pick between natural scents such as “winter” or choose sugary sweet smells like “twisted peppermint.”

Sit back, relax and snack

The holiday season is all about giving, and you can give back to your visitors and friends through putting together a seasonal snack cart. First, purchase a tiered rolling cart from any store near you. This doesn’t have to be expensive; it just needs to get the job done. You’re then going to want to head to a grocery store and pick up some sweet treats. You can fill your cart with whatever you please, but I recommend starting out with cookies, peppermint bark and hot cocoa toppings such as marshmallows, whipped cream and candy canes. To really take your snack cart to the next level you can purchase a Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker to easily brew your hot chocolate or apple cider. This is the perfect pair to a girls’ night-in during the craziness of exams as the countdown to winter break begins.

The holiday season is quickly approaching along with the end of the first semester. Don’t forget to enjoy this time of year even though it may seem hectic at times. Dorm-friendly holiday items are available for purchase and allow college students to take part in the joy of December despite the downsized living space.