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The Countdown to Summer, as Told by Parks and Recreation

With only a few weeks until the end of the spring semester, every college kid has one thing on his or her mind: summer. Sprawling out on sandy beaches, having a break from homework and enjoying some R&R are all daydreams clogging every student’s mind. Unfortunately, there are still exams to take, papers to write and tears to shed. Here is every college kid’s countdown to summer, as told by the understanding characters of Parks and Recreation.

When you realize summer is only two weeks away.

When the thought of saying goodbye to your roommate crosses your mind.

Spending habits at the beginning of the semester…

Versus spending habit at the end of the semester…

You’ve made plans for a jam-packed summer schedule.

When your professors even mention the words “final exams”...

And they tell you not to wait till the last minute to start preparing for them.

And then your teacher tells you the final exam is cumulative.

Studying gets old pretty fast, especially while visions of the beach dance in your head.

When the person on the silent floor in the library keeps laughing with her BFF, you feel obligated to take matters into your own hands.

But there is no way to stay angry when Library West brings puppies to relieve everyone’s stress.

Amid stressing over the last sliver of the semester, don’t forget to do something for yourself.

Your friend suggests you guys should study together.

But that proves to be less effective than planned.

You start to question if this “college” thing is even for you. Maybe you should try a more secure profession?

But when you kill your final presentation, you regain some confidence.  

This is the logic you use to justify getting study snacks at the library (a.k.a. ordering a pizza):

Final papers pose a far greater challenge when you find yourself online shopping for a new swimsuit to sport at the beach this summer.

But then you realize you still have a lot to do before summer is finally here…

You walk into your exam feeling confident and prepared.

Because you know your hours spent in the library are going to pay off.

And after that final exam, summer is here and it’s time to celebrate!

See you next semester, collegiettes!

Let the countdown begin! Summer is just around the corner. Good luck with finals and the rest of your semester. Finish strong and know that you’ll be relaxing on the beach with your friends in no time.

Photo credit: netflixlife.com

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