College Life at UF, as told by Disney Princesses

College life at UF is one of a kind. Every student knows how facey Library West is, that it's necessary to avoid Turlington Plaza if you are in a hurry and that going out in Midtown always ends up being a night to remember. Here is what it’s like to be a UF student as told by Disney princesses. Turns out, they are pretty applicable to our lives.  

A new semester begins again and you are so happy to be back with your friends.

Classes start up and you wonder why you thought that 10:40 a.m. class would be late enough.

But not long after, the real work starts to set in and the anxiety begins.

Your teacher keeps talking about all these chemistry topics and it’s like she’s speaking another language.

And just when you think it can’t get any worse… pop quiz.

So you go to Southwest Rec to release some of the stress. A cute guy walks in and you have to tell yourself...

Before you know it, midterms rolls around, meaning Lib West is your new home and sleep is a distant idea.

So trying to get through that never ending three-hour block is almost impossible.

After class, you’re walking through Turlington and almost become road kill by bikers.

After a near death experience, you decide you deserve Chick-fil-A. So you walk into the Hub and see how long the line is...

And after a long day, you try to convince your roommate to go out with you.

Once you’re at your favorite bar in Midtown, your favorite song comes on.

While dancing, you see a cute guy looking at you from across the room so you play it cool.

You talk, he’s great and you’ve basically fallen in love.

Then he texts you, so you’re like...

But nothing comes of it because most relationships in college are like...

So you’re just like...

To make matters worse, you get your midterm grades back and the only appropriate reaction is...

But then you see you have a great social theme with your favorite fraternity next week, and all your worries don’t seem to matter anymore.

And what makes it even better is you remember you go to the best university in the state, and everything is okay again.