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CHAARG: Empowering Women and Creating a Community

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Women come together to empower each other not only in the gym but in life.

The gym, a place that can be intimidating for any female walking in with zero knowledge of what an overhead press or a Bulgarian split squat could mean.

Changing Health, Attitudes + Action to Recreate Girls (CHAARG) is a University of Florida (UF) chapter instituted in 2020. Since then, they have grown as an organization and a community.

Sophomore Criminology and Psychology Major and Treasurer of CHAARG, Amina Mubarak recounts why she decided to get involved with the organization by stating, “Fitness is really daunting if you don’t know what you are doing (when you are first) going into it. With the gym being an intimidating space because it is man-dominating, CHAARG is so special because it is a community of female-identifying people that create a comfortable space to goof around and be okay making mistakes within the gym.”

The organization, which meets every Wednesday, pushes women to get outside their comfort zone and try workouts such as CrossFit, pole dancing and even goat yoga. They are creating relationships within their own community, and are exposing new Gainesville residents to support local gyms and businesses such as Swamp City Fitness, B3 Gym and The Wild Sky Pole Dance Studio.

Not only does the group host unique and fun workouts, but they also organize small groups for members looking for a more intimate and personalized workout experience. They specialize the small groups at times that work for their members’ schedules, and they have specially picked female-leaders who can create a supportive environment that appeals to their small-group members specifically.

Aside from exploring the different aspects of exercising, CHAARG hosts different socials each month to provide an opportunity to engage with their members and strengthen their bonds even more. You can expect events such as karaoke, painting and an end of the year formal. 

“The thing that makes me want to keep coming back is the group of girlies that I get to surround myself with and I believe that is the magic that makes it (CHAARG)  special,” Mubarak said.

This organization and community is not only found at UF, but has over 115 chapters across the country. Through the national platform, women can connect and encourage other women in their health and fitness journies. On their website (CHAARG ), you can find a health and fitness podcast, recipes and opportunities to become more involved such as the CHAARG Running Club.

CHAARG is just one of the many ways that women are uplifting other women and encouraging each other to push and believe in themselves, because at the end of the day we are stronger when we stick together. You can find more information about CHARRG UFL through their Instagram @ufl_inchaarg

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