The 9 Stages of Finals Season, as Told by 'Rick and Morty'

Every student’s favorite time of the semester is finals season, when our blood is replaced with coffee and nobody gets a healthy amount of sleep. It is fast approaching here at UF, and what people don’t realize is that there are different stages of coping with finals season. So I figured, I should prepare my peers for these stages, and I figured I would use one of the most educational shows on media right now – "Rick and Morty." Listen, this show expresses so many situations to where it basically encompasses life and has taught me more than my entire grade school experience.

Get ready to get schwifty with this finals season survival guide.

1.  Optimism

You start off finals season bright eyed and filled with hope. You think, “I’m gonna survive finals season!”. You will come to bite those words later.

2. Overestimation

As you start finals season, you think that you’ll basically live in the library, have efficient study methods, and expect more than what you can actually produce. In all reality, you might cave and end up playing games on your phone or checking out new content at Her Campus UFL. (Shameless plug, I know.)

3. Confidence before your first exam

4. That feeling of confidence after your first exam

5. Panic because there’s more exams

The name says it all. Get riggity riggity wrecked.

6. Adrenaline from cramming

SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT EXAMS is what you’ll be screaming at this point.

7. How you feel when you realize this is only the beginning

*Meeseeks by nature as a species doesn’t want to exist in general*

8. The feeling you get during your entire last exam

9. The relief you get when all of your exams are done

Wubba lubba dub dub my friends, and happy finals season.