The 8 Struggles of a Bike Rider in Gainesville

Forget about riding the #strugglebus — the bike riders at UF are very familiar with the #strugglebike. Biking is a great commuting alternative to cars and a more efficient option to walking. However, biking is not always as perfect as it’s cracked up to be on a college campus. Here are some of the top struggles of being a biker at UF:

1. You feel obligated to get off your bike before you cross through Turlington Plaza, so you’re not “that person.”

2. Finding space on a Gainesville RTS bus bike rack is harder than making it through a two-hour block class without going on Facebook.

3. It’s a constant battle to remember where you last parked your bike.

4. You enjoy that daily breeze as you zip down Stadium Road, but you dread the returning trip uphill.

5. You arrive on campus and realize you forgot your bike lock.

6. If it rains (which is pretty often in Rainesville), but you need to ride your bike, your wet bicycle seat will leave you with swamp butt.

7. Unfortunately, bike thefts are quite common…

8. When you’re waiting to cross the street with pedestrians and your feet get caught in the pedals, it makes you look like you’ve never ridden a bike before.

Next time you think you are alone in your frustrations while riding a bike around campus, just remember there are many others out there just like you. At least you don’t have to walk to class! Good luck dealing with the #strugglebike, collegiettes.