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7 Comfortable Walking Shoes That Aren’t Birkenstocks

Whether you’re walking to class, home from the library or to the nearest Taco Bell for a quick snack, being on your feet in college is inevitable.

Cars and elevators may defer the pain that accumulates in your heels, but walking is the only available method of transportation to get across the Reitz Union Lawn to the Marston Library Starbucks.

To make sure you’re able and ready to get your caffeine fix from across the lawn, check out these shoes that promise comfort and cuteness.

Nike Air Max 97 Sneaker

Commonly worn by celebrities like Jordyn Woods and Emily Ratajkowski, the Air Max Sneaker line by Nike has not stopped being popular since its first release in 1987.

The shoes are characterized by the technology used inside them: air. The air infusion allows for extreme comfort, especially when pressure is applied to the sole.While over 20 editions of the Air Max Sneaker have been made, the Air Max 97 model has been labeled “the essential” of the varieties. 


Dr. Scholl’s Webster Wedge Loafer

The name Dr. Scholl’s may bring up memories of the clunky orthopedic shoes your grandma used to wear, but times have changed.

Dad-bods are in, grandmas hang out with your favorite celebrities, and Dr. Scholl’s is making stylish footwear.

The Webster Wedge Loafer is perfect for any business casual outfit, including the one you wear when awkwardly giving a PowerPoint presentation you may have made the night before. The slideshow may be lackluster, but your shoes will tell people you have better things to do than present the history of rocks to a room of people on their phones.

Teva’s Midform Universal Sandal

Can’t decide between comfortable footwear and showing off your pedicure?

You can get the best of both worlds with Teva’s Midform Universal Sandal. Not only do the sandals have a cushy platform to walk on, but the sole is designed to fit the natural form of your feet.

While they may be a little taller than the original Teva sandals we know and love, the platform allows for extra cushion as well as extra fashion. And with the wide array of colors they’re offered in, there’s a sandal for every style.

Hush Puppies ‘Chaste’ Ballet Flat

Sometimes, when formal dress is required, we feel that comfortable shoes are out of the question.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. The ‘Chaste’ Ballet Flat by Hush Puppies are basic enough for everyday wear, but polished enough to be dressed-up for evenings out. The shoes are padded throughout the sole and have a raised arch for added comfort.

The flats are also made of material that allows the shoe to be foldable, so you can keep it in your purse on nights out. The nights of holding your heels in your hand and bare feet on the sticky floor of Fats are over.

Reebok Club C Revenge Plus Sneaker

If you like to make a statement with your choice of footwear, look no further. Reebok’s Club C Revenge Plus Sneaker brings a femenist twist to the classic white sneaker trend.

The back of the shoe reading “It’s A Man’s World,” with a red line slashing through, pays homage to the brand’s “long history of women’s-first design.” Let that guy in your math class who said “women belong in the kitchen” take a hint when he reads the back of your shoe after eating your dust.


Western Chief Women Waterproof Printed Tall Rain Boot

Living in Gainesville means multiple things: terrible traffic, Tom Petty tributes everywhere and omnipresent rain.

Umbrellas may help keep the majority of your body dry, but your feet are another battle. Rain boots are a cute and comfortable way of keeping your feet away from the rain, and with all the prints available — Country Cows in my personal favorite — why would you not want a pair? 


Adidas Cloudfoam Advantage CL Sneaker

As someone who has worn these shoes almost every day for the past three years, I can attest to the comfort of the Adidas Cloudfoam Advantage CL Sneaker.

As the name suggests, the sneaker has foam throughout the sole, making it feel like walking on a cloud with every step.

The shoe most commonly found is all white with black  details, but can also be found in multiple colors, including metallic. Nothing’s wrong with a classic white shoe though, especially when it’s this comfortable.

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