5 Podcasts Every College Student Should be Listening To

Whenever I’m really stressed out and don’t want to do any schoolwork, I try to engage in other activities that aren’t school oriented but still make me feel productive.

This includes watching TV, listening to music, and if I’m bored with those two (believe it or not), podcasts.

There are so many podcasts out there, ones that can make you laugh or teach you more about yourself, and they’re great to listen to on long walks or drives.

Here are some podcasts I like to listen to as a young woman in college. 


  1. The Bechdel Test is a test that measures the representation of women in fiction. 

    The test investigates whether there was the presence of two women in a movie that talked to each other about anything that does not have to do with men.

    The Bechdel Cast, a podcast featuring Caitlin Durante and Jamie Durante, discusses whether different movies pass or fail the Bechdel Test, and the representation of women in these films.

    This podcast uses humor to criticize not only the limitations of the Bechdel Cast, but to open up a more inclusive and larger discussion as to how these films are either sufficient in or lack (it is mostly the latter) in their portrayal and interpretation of the existence and stories of those who identify with the feminine/female existence. 

  2. As an Asian American, I never really felt represented in the outside world when I was growing up.

    Asian Enough provides a sort of safe space for me to listen to an Asian American experience that I can relate to.

    Each episode features hosts Jen Yamato and Frank Shyong talking with celebrity guests about what it means to be Asian American.

    The podcast explores the way we explore our identities as Asian Americans, and each guest has a story that shows how we can connect with one another through our backgrounds and experiences. 

    My favorite episode is with Chinese American director Lulu Wang, who is a storyteller I feel has successfully been able to communicate the dualities involved in having to live between several cultures.

  3. Becoming Wise is a podcast hosted by Krista Tippett and discusses the complexities of being human.

    Each episode delves into the conflicts of living and questions the way that we think.

    This podcast has helped me change my mindset on living, and each conversation is under 10 minutes long, so you can listen to it when you’re looking to take a little break. 

  4. For someone who is passionate about filmmaking and storytelling, this is a great podcast to listen to.

    It delves into the minds of acclaimed and talented filmmakers and artists, all of whom I look up to.

    A24 is a production company that has a consistent history of releasing commended and alluring films, so its artists are those who are passionate and vocal about their stories and the issues that inspired them to create.

    My favorite episode is the one between Bo Burnham and Jerrod Carmichael, two creatives who talk about social media, the youth and anxiety, all of which I am sure we can relate to.

  5. This podcast is new, but Brené Brown’s work has been known for many years.

    Brown is a professor and lecturer who studies courage and vulnerability.

    In each episode of this podcast, she speaks to a guest about their experiences with vulnerability. 

    This podcast has helped me to articulate any emotion or conflict I have within myself and it has been really inspiring to see that people are able to confront and defeat these emotional and mental struggles.