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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

The months of packing leading up to my college move-in seemed simple. Plates and bowls here, a poster there and deciding on whether to bring a full-size printer was still in the works. However, as the weeks trickled down to days before coming face-to-face with my freshman year, I found that the scramble to find aesthetically pleasing and functional items for a glorified shoebox brought on a lot more stress than necessary.

Long story short, I cued the typical incessant Amazon searches (thank goodness for Student Prime), created a space I truly love to spend time in and compiled an easily accessible list for you to peruse through for your last-minute shopping spree.

1. Chic and Modern Dorm Desk Lamp

Ladies, let me tell you, an over-cluttered desk equals an over-cluttered mind. This lamp not only eliminates the search for a functional source of light, but gives modest and simplistic features that make it worth every penny. In addition to a size that can easily fit into the smallest corner of your desk, it also features four different brightness settings at the touch of a button.

On the back of the base is a USB port that you can plug your phone charger in to save your outlets for other utilities, and it’s completely dorm-safe with heat-resistant plastic. This is one product I highly suggest adding to your room; its simplicity is unmatched.

2. Above Desk Organization Unit

Another item that truly makes the most out of dorm space is this desk organizer that comes in four commonplace colors. When fully assembled, it is two separate pieces that can be arranged in five different positions to best fit the configuration of your dorm desk. I cannot stress enough how much more functional the place I call my study area/makeup vanity/dining room table is.

With defined space for books, a jewelry tray and a motivational plaque, you’re covered in all aspects. I use it to define a clear space where I can express my love for my (too many) trinkets, while having more than enough space for my laptop and notebooks. This is definitely the most transformative piece out of the list, so I especially recommend it. Side note: I also recommend assembling it beforehand to save extra time and hassle on move-in day. 

3. Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

This next item is more for aesthetic purposes. There have been many  articles written about the benefits of salt rock lamps; whether all the proclaimed benefits are accurate or not, it’s a must-have. Not only do they provide a relaxing pink glow that makes your whole room feel like a spa, but it’s claimed to be a natural air purifier and deodorizer. I keep mine on my nightstand, and it gives the perfect ambiance for when the harsh dorm lights are a bit too much. It brings just the right amount of earthy vibes, no matter where your college is located. 

4. Essential Oil Diffuser

Another item that brings a lot of versatility is a diffuser. It’s a device that allows you to mix your favorite scent or function of natural oil with water and have it delicately perfume your room. My suggestions for scents are orange, tea tree and peppermint for a mix of perky, purifying and fresh air. All of these have made my whole room smell amazing. Especially since close living quarters are known for not having the best scent, this gives a lot of options with how you want your space to smell.

The specific one I linked above has different colored light settings and turns off automatically when all the water inside it has been used up. That way, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn of the diffuser if you leave the room or fall asleep. It’s my best recommendation for making your room smell like home, a Christmas tree, or whatever you feel. 

5. Hexagon Cork Wall Tiles

This last suggestion is something I’ve actually used in my room at home.

The design of these six-sided stick-on boards makes it easy to stack them in any pattern you wish and hang anything you would like on them. It’s such a simple way to bring a lot of personality to your room because it allows you to fill in that awkward amount of wall space that can sometimes come with older dorms.

Hanging postcards, pictures from home or any school-related memorabilia can add so much personality and comfort to your room and truly make it your own. This specific set comes with ten boards with 50  pins to set you off for the year (or years) to come. Save the hassle of command hooks and bulletin boards with this easy switch!

College can be a very confusing and overwhelming time for incoming students. Making your room a reflection of you and what makes you feel comfortable can boost your mindset for the better, and it creates a positive space to decompress while living out your college experience. I truly hope this inspires you and gives easy Amazon fixes to last minute dorm shopping!