5 Eyebrow Essentials & How to Use Them for Every Look

Eyebrows are arguably the most important feature on your face, and until recently they were the most neglected as well (Early 2000s, I’m looking at you). A small change in eyebrows can change someone’s entire face by softening facial features, framing your bone structure and bringing out your eyes. Aside from concealer, tweezers, an angled brush and spoolie, these five products are all you’ll ever need to create the brows of your dreams.

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow-Wiz

    You knew this was coming. This brow pencil is on every beauty must-have list for a reason. The pencil is thin enough to create the appearance of real hairs, but is also made up of a durable wax that won’t break upon skin-to-product contact. I’ve tried every dupe imaginable and nothing compares to the real thing. Using drugstore dupes end up costing the same in the end, as they won’t last as long and you’ll end up having to buy multiple in the same amount of time that you would go through the original. It may seem like a splurge, but in the end, you genuinely get your value out of it.

    Get the life-changing brow-wiz in ten shades here. ($21 at Amazon)

  2. Brow Tint

    This is my favorite product for when I just want to roll out of bed with a naked face –– AKA the lazy girl’s dream. This Brow Tint comes in six shades of natural tones and requires no effort to completely transform your look in two seconds flat.

    Get it here. ($10 at Ulta)

  3. Morphe Brow Palette

    What I love most about this palette is that it can be used alone to make you look like you really woke up like that, or it can be used to finish off a bolder look. The pressed powder palette comes with six shades of brunette complete with wax and concealer to add contrast to your masterpiece and hold it in place. You can also mix and blend the colors to more closely match your natural color or create an ombré look to add extra drama.

    Get the palette of your dreams here. ($24.99 at Walmart)

  4. NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel

    For the longest time, I never bought into the premise of brow gel. I was just a spray-the-spoolie-with-hairspray kind of girl, and for a while, that’s what I thought worked best for me. But after a few hours, the look either wouldn’t hold or it would smudge my makeup. It wasn’t until I was gifted a sample kit that contained a gel that my routine changed forever. After trial and error, I found this budget-friendly gel that doesn’t alter the hard work you put into your brows but still holds it all day, in all weather. Use it to keep your natural untouched brows in place or to finish off your look.

    Get the gel that will keep your life together here. ($5.99 at Ulta)

  5. Anastasia Beverly Hills DipbrowPomade

    Typically known for its added drama, this pomade can create any look that you want if you have the skill to match. A little bit of product goes a long way, so you won’t have to worry about buying a new one any time soon. This is in every beauty vlogger’s makeup bag and hopefully yours soon too.

    Get the edgy pomade in 11 shades here. ($18 at Sephora)

Honorable mention that I have not tried yet but looks like the eyebrow revolution in one product: Benefit Brow Contour Pro Defining & Highlighting ($34 at Nordstrom).

Now that you have the tools, are you ready to put them to work?

For an elevated natural look:

Brush the brow tint across your full brow to add color and a strong hold. Then take the brow-wiz to create small strokes to mimic fine hairs for the start of your brow or to fill in whatever is looking patchy. Don’t forget to outline the finished product with concealer!

For detailed Instagram-able brows:

Begin with the Brow Wiz pencil to create fine strokes mimicking fine hairs at the start of your brow. Now take an angled brush and your Morphe palette. Remember that you want the start of your brow to be significantly lighter than the arch, so use a light shade at the start of your brows, a shade that resembles your natural brow color to fill in the rest of your brow and two shades darker than the root to accent your arch. Finish the look with your brow gel to hold it in place, and apply highlighter above your arch.

For a sleek but bold look for a night out:

Take an angled brush and dip lightly into the brow pomade. Now use the pomade again, but this time to create fine strokes mimicking fine hairs at the start of your brow. Remember this product goes a long way, so use as little as possible. After wiping excess product onto the back of your hand, glide the brush gently across the bottom of your natural brow line –– this will create crisp and concise bottom edges that will make the whole look come together. Repeat for the top arch. Complete with gel, highlighter and concealer.

Regardless of what look you are trying to achieve, each of these products can help create your best brows if put to good use. Whether you use them together or as stand-alone essentials, these products will stick with you through thick or thin brows.