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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Many of us have heard that it’s important to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Oftentimes as college students, we may be so busy that we forget to drink enough water. Forgetting to stay hydrated can result in general fatigue, inability to concentrate and even bad breath. The benefits of consuming water definitely outweigh the negatives, though. It boosts our immune systems, improves energy levels, helps us maintain focus throughout the day, keeps skin clear and even promotes weight loss.

Finding ways to drink more water doesn’t have to be hard. Here are 5 easy tricks that can get you to stay hydrated throughout the day. By using these tactics, you won’t even have to try to get your daily consumption in. You’ll find yourself feeling healthier and happier quickly, too.

1. Get a cute, refillable water bottle

It’s super practical. You can bring it with you to school, the gym, anywhere! Plus, you can personalize and decorate it with stickers. Having a fun and reusable water bottle looks cool, and you’re helping the environment.

2. Infuse your water with fruits or vegetables

Add wedges of lemon or slices of cucumber to your refillable water bottle, or simply add some to any cool and refreshing glass of water. Not only will having slices of fruits or vegetables added to your water improve the taste, but it can also help you drink more water than you usually do.

3. Get a water tracking print

Do you like aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic things? Place this water tracking print on your desk or stick it on your fridge to remind yourself that you are drinking enough water every day.

4. Use a water tracker app

Use smart phone apps to stay on track and remember to drink enough fluids. The My Water Balance app allows you to input your fluid intake and shows the percentage of water you drink in a day, along with a water graphic that rises all the way to the top of the phone screen when you reach 100% of your goal. A cute app like Plant Nanny encourages you to stay hydrated with an adorable plant buddy. Simply push a button to water your plant whenever you drink a certain amount of water. Magically, your plant grows and becomes healthier as you do!

5. Create a DIY custom bottle

Mark your bottle with hours of the day to reach your personal daily water intake goal. Learn how to make one here.

Even if you’re only trying out one of these tricks, using any of them regularly is guaranteed to help you drink more water and feel the benefits. Happy hydrating!