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I have always had a fascination with dreams, probably because I have a very vivid imagination. Sleeping is also one of my favorite pastimes, so I am always interested in learning more about how to have a night of healthier and more successful sleep. Recently, I have noticed the past few weeks I have had multiple dreams per night. This is definitely unusual for me, as sometimes I go through months of feeling like I am not even dreaming. My vivid and unusual dreams caused me to wonder why we dream and why it can sometimes feel like we are going through a period of dreaming more frequently.

Apparently, we have about five dreams on average per night, according to dream analyst Lauri Lowenberg. Some people have more or fewer dreams than this, but the ability to make memories of these dreams depends on your sleep quality. Having a poor sleep schedule or a sleep disorder hinders your body from entering REM sleep. When our bodies go into REM sleep, our ability to make memories is impaired, which allows us to dream more. Getting enough sleep could cause us to dream more, but there is no certain scientific answer for why we dream. Most of the dreams that we remember having are from right before we wake up, as we are out of this REM period.

Some people think we dream as a way to process certain emotions, which is why many people like to analyze their dreams. Dreams originate from our subconscious, which can make it very difficult for us to use our conscious minds to recall what happened the night before. For me, I like to try to write down my dreams as soon as I wake up. It’s can be beneficial to keep a journal if you want to track your dreaming or sleeping habits. It can also be helpful to avoid caffeine and your electronic devices before going to bed, as these things will keep you awake and make it harder to get a good night’s sleep.

Although some of these dreams may seem weird or strangely personal to you, we tend to all have similar themes present in our dreams, which makes dreaming more of a universal experience.

Dreams About Falling

Many people have dreams about falling, which can feel quite scary for some people. Research shows that dreaming of yourself falling is a sign of insecurity and anxiety, as you feel unsupported and unattached to reality.

This type of dream is also unique to each person, as some people can enjoy this sensation. If you are enjoying your fall, then this could be a sign of your eagerness for change. I have had this dream multiple times throughout my life. Dreams related to physical experiences can often trigger physical reactions in the body, which makes the falling feel even more realistic.

Dreams About School

Dreams related to missing a homework assignment or failing a test are very common for many people. I always tend to have this dream at the beginning of the new semester, due to my anxiety about a new start. According to dreams.com, one of five people dream about failing an exam, even if they are no longer in school. This dream can be a sign of a lack of confidence in yourself, whether this has to do with your intellectual abilities or not.

Dreams Related to Your Teeth

Having a dream about your teeth falling out may seem very unusual or like something to be concerned about, but this is a very normal dream to have. Recently, I had a dream about having my teeth removed from my mouth while at the dentist, which stirred my interest in this specific topic. Dreams about your teeth falling out could be due to insecurities related to your appearance or how others perceive you. This could come from a feeling of powerlessness or vulnerability, as you feel hyper-fixated on how you look to others. This can be a scary dream to have, but it’s probably just related to your inner worries.

Dreams About Celebrities

Many people claim that every face we see is stored in our minds, which means the people we dream about are people we have seen. However, sometimes our favorite celebrities can work their way into our dreams as well. This could be due to you idolizing a particular person or because you were just watching them in a movie before you went to sleep. Dreams featuring a famous person sometimes also mean that you want to be like that individual because you look up to them so much.

Dreams About Being Pregnant

The final dream that I want to talk about might seem like a sign that you are having a baby, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that at all. Having a dream that you are pregnant usually has to do with the fact that you are about to go through a big change in your life. In this case, it’s less about the pregnancy and more about the theme of growth and a new chapter in your life.

Minna is an English major at the University of Florida. She is a features writer for Her Campus UFL.
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