4 Ways to Land That Summer Internship

It’s springtime, and with that comes the anticipation of summer. Thoughts of how you’ll fill up your summer calendar are probably already swirling through your mind. But if you’re a smart college kid, you know that booking summer internships is the best route to go. If you’re reading this and realizing that you have not, in fact, landed or applied for any internships, then don’t worry. We have your back when it comes to searching for and landing a sweet internship this summer.

1. Look localIt’s true that summer internships in big cities like New York, Chicago or Boston are appealing and look amazing on a resume, but don’t assume that those are the only opportunities available. Set your sights locally and search for openings in your town or nearby cities looking for interns who are motivated and hard working like you.

2. Search onlineAre you spending hours on a website like Tumblr or Reddit? Turn those hours of mindless Internet surfing into productive hours by searching for internships in fields or cities you’re interested in exploring. Tumblr is a great website to use because you can find blogs from people in your field of interest. Those blogs can turn out to be fountains of opportunity if someone posts or reblogs an internship at that online magazine you didn’t know existed in L.A.

3. NetworkThey say that it’s not what you know, but who you know. That couldn’t be truer than when finding internship openings. Are you a part of a sorority or volunteer organization? Then it’s likely that those groups will have alumni networks. Ask recent graduates or former members if their jobs are looking for interns in fields you’re interested in. It never hurts to ask and it’s always a foot in the door that may lead to you staying in New York City for the summer.

4. Pay attentionDoes your college or university send out mass emails every day or week with news relating to your major? Do those emails usually have job openings or internship listings available? If you don’t know the answer to that, then it’s time to start paying attention. If you’re not sure if your college offers a weekly newsletter, go to your adviser and ask. Those emails can mean the difference between staying in your college town, going back home or taking a trip abroad. Take advantage of every opportunity your university offers and you’ll be surprised at the end result.

If you don’t land an internship, it’s not the end of the world. Don’t freak out because your plans have been thrown off. Plans never go exactly the way you want them to. Recognize that the summer at home or in your college town is an opportunity to show future employers what you can do with free time on your hands. It’s the perfect chance to grow and shine in a spotlight placed there by you. Show them what you’ve got and who they could be missing out on. Good luck, collegiettes!

Photo credit: www.collegecandy.com