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It stares blankly at me. Tempts me. Daunts me. I glare back, wracking my brain on what to plaster against the vast, empty white wall that’s in front of me.

I’ve loved decorating my room ever since I was a young girl, but the task of choosing what to put on the walls that surround me has always been a challenge. There are many options, styles and sometimes limitations within decorating, and all those choices can tend to be overwhelming. However, it’s good to practice turning your fearful and intimidated outlook into an opportunistic one (or maybe that’s just me)! There are endless possibilities for what you can do with a blank wall.

Gallery wall

Let’s say you’re the type who loves many styles of art/decor or various pieces. A gallery wall would be the perfect way to showcase all your treasures while giving a blank wall some much-needed life. Gallery walls can be a place of inspiration where you can constantly look at the pieces you love and have collected. Hop onto Pinterest to get inspiration as there are many different types of gallery walls. You could use all photos and photo frames, posters, textual elements or even add a bulletin board. Whatever speaks the most to you and sparks the most joy when you look at it, should end up in your gallery. Assemble it all at once or over time, and watch the blank wall turn into an aesthetic and sentimental representation of you!


Using shelves, whether it be one or many, is one of my favorite ways to bring a wall to life. I can arrange my treasured pieces or thrift goodies in any way I please, and they serve as a constant reminder of the little joys in life. Shelves can be used to showcase various decor pieces such as pictures/frames, sentimental knick-knacks, plants, books and the list goes on. I love the versatility that shelves offer. You can rearrange your pieces when you need a change and swap items in and out. Not only do shelves defeat the challenge of figuring out what to put on your walls, but they also allow you to easily swap out decor to represent the season or holiday we are in.

Statement pieces

If you want to smack one thing on the wall and call it a day, a statement piece might be for you. Having a large item on the wall will create loads of drama and impact— instantly transforming you into a world of your own when you see it. You could try out a colorful tapestry, macrame (whether store-bought or DIY) or some large artwork. Artwork pieces can get to be quite expensive, so if you can’t find one on sale, grab a few friends or take some time on your own to create a unique masterpiece. There are plenty of styles and inspiration to go off of on Pinterest, YouTube and any social media platform.

Photo wall

You’ve seen these everywhere. The trend of print/photo walls has taken our generation by storm because it creates impact and drama. Whether you choose to find photos online or use personal ones from your camera roll, the creativity of a photo wall can spread so far. If I were to make one, I would use a blend of both personal and Pinterest photos to create a wall that inspired me to make the most out of every day. In your photo wall, you can incorporate quotes, landscape shots or selfies.

Having bland, blank walls can be draining you without even realizing it. Your room is where you start and end your days, and walls are often the first things you see when you open your eyes. Bring a blank wall to life with decor elements that speak to you and represent who you are. Have fun with it, and remember you can always take it down and try something else if it doesn’t work. Let your walls inspire you!

Journalism major at the University of Florida.