25 New Year’s Resolutions That Can Actually Be Accomplished

As the year draws to a close, many of us find ourselves reflecting and thinking of ways to improve for next year. New year, new me, right? Although we all naively say it, New Year’s resolutions have a weird way of being harder to keep than we originally planned. Here are 25 things that we can all realistically do once the ball drops that will be sure to improve our next 365 days. And no, dieting and going to the gym are not on the list.

1. Clean out your closet.

2. Order something new at Starbucks.

3. Ditch your phone when you’re out eating with friends.

4. Instead of dieting, just vow to eat more fruits and veggies and drink a ton of water.

5. Start a new show on Netflix.

6. Call your mom or dad (at least) once a week.

7. Update your resume.

8. Regularly get your hair cut.

9. Ditch all your frenemies. You don’t need those kind of people in your life.

10. Read more books (for fun, not for school).

11. Try to care less about what people think of you.

12. Check social media less often.

13. Stop stressing about crafting the perfect text. Don’t play those silly games this year.

14. Take the stairs.

15. Change your sheets more frequently.

16. Just once, get out of bed after your first alarm. Don’t hit snooze.

17. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep more often.

18. Drink less soda.

19. Create a jar where you keep all your change. At the end of the year, buy yourself something nice with it.

20. Give more than you receive.

21. Take more day trips with friends.

22. Take more pictures, too.

23. Don’t focus on past mistakes.

24. Wear more dresses.

25. Invest in a matching bra and underwear.

Even if you can’t achieve all of these by next year’s New Year’s kiss, a few will still leave you feeling accomplished. Happy New Year, collegiettes!

Photo credit: blog.proqc.com