18 Things Type A College Students Can Relate To

Are you that person who feels the need to be perfect and win all the time? Does college really just accelerate and make your Type A personality go off the charts sometimes? Your workaholic self is probably always so stressed out. Look no further; here are 14 things all Type A students can relate to. #youarenotalone

1. “I failed” means “I think I got a B.” And you’re disappointed.

2. You "enjoy studying" but really you're just less anxious when you get your work done.

3. You are not afraid of hard work.

4. You want to be the best at so many things.

5. And work your butt off to achieve them all, at all costs.

6. Having people tell you you're lucky you do so well and you're just like "WTF it’s called hard work."

7. You feel like you make so many huge mistakes when it’s little stuff like messing up a quiz.

8. You know exactly how you want your life to go, and you aren’t happy when it doesn’t go according to plan.

9. You are stern and not shy about who you are or what you want.

10. You have checklist of goals you will accomplish.

11. You can name every grade you made this semester that wasn’t up to your standards.

12. Laziness is a foreign concept to you.

13. You don’t go to bed until you are satisfied with your work.

14. You don’t understand how people can not care about succeeding, and deep down it sort of bothers you.

15. You run on anxiety and determination, and don’t need Adderall or coffee.

16. You cannot stand incompetence.

17. Long lines, or other wastes of time really irritate you.

18. You are very successful, even though you may not always feel like it. Be proud!

Stay perfect, my fellow Type A gals!

Photo credit: i.ytimg.com