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17 Halloween Accessories You Can Wear Year-Round

Every college girl knows how to put together the perfect Halloween costume. Whether it’s last-minute, super sexy or outright original, it’s like the whole ensemble was planned since last year. But what most college girls don’t realize is that those accessories that cinched your Halloween costume can cinch any outfit year-round. Don’t believe me? Check out these 17 staple accessories for Halloween costumes.

1. Cat ears

If you’ve watched Scream Queens, then you probably wear cat ears all the time. If not, then try being a Chanel for a day and sport a pair with a casual outfit. They’re multifunctional doubling as a headband and a statement piece. There’s a set of cat ears for every aesthetic. You can get pink fuzzy ears, pearl ears or black metal ears. Cat ears can come across as cute as well as seductive, so be ready to get your prow on.

2. Fingerless gloves

With the rise of vintage and throwback fashion, fingerless gloves are totally trending. So, transition from badass biker on October 31 to chic babe on November 1. You can go for the leather look, or there’s alternatives like lace, cotton, fishnet and woven fingerless gloves. They’re the perfect accessory to tie your outfit together, keep you warm and free your thumbs to finish that text.

3. Glitter

Need I say more? Glitter might be the finishing touch to your throwback Ke$ha costume or the mermaid-pixie hybrid you’ve concocted, but you can wear glitter with any look. Wearing a little glitter eyeshadow, eyeliner or even as a highlighter can add sparkle to any day. Don’t be afraid to shine!

4. Tights

Somehow, we always end up rummaging through the plethora of tights and stockings at the bottom of the bargain bin on October 30 to find that niche pair specifically made for our costume. I’m talking about colorful, sparkly, ripped and fishnet tights. But no one stops to think that you could wear them with any outfit. We’ve seen a surge in fishnets, so why not lead the next trend in tights? Take your neon purple ones and pair them with your LBD to spice up your Friday-night look.

5. Wigs

This is a move only for the bold and experienced. Wigs can be tricky enough to pull off (or keep on) during Halloween festivities and everyday life. Obviously, if you invest in a nicer wig then you can wear it throughout the year. But, if it’s one of those cheaper colorful wigs, then you can always wear it to the next party regardless of theme.

6. False eyelashes

The falsies you buy also dictate how wearable they’ll be all year. If you buy high quality false eyelashes, then you can re-wear them until it’s no longer sanitary. But if you buy the generic falsies, then you can probably only squeeze a couple nights at the club in before you toss them.

7. Crowns

Similar to cat ears, a crown can be worn any time. Don’t worry about looking high maintenance or contrived because we both know you can pull it off. Crowns work like headbands, but they’re really just for decoration. They’ll convey your innocence, or entitlement, to anyone way better than that halo you wore with last year’s Halloween costume.

8. Knee-high socks

Knee-high socks are perfect for that Britney Spears costume, and they add a fun dimension to everyday outfits. Whether they’re tube socks, modern black socks or the traditional white socks, pair them with a skirt or some shorts and you can’t go wrong. For a layered look that’ll last you the rest of the season try wearing them over tights with that skirt or those shorts.

9. Heels

If you’re wearing a sexier costume, then I know you’re pulling out the heels. Keep in mind, the stripper heels aren’t appropriate for every day, just like they’re not appropriate for every costume. But usually people just purchase a nice new pair of heels or heeled boots for their costumes, which can then be worn later. See if those heels from last year’s costume will look good to wear this weekend.

10. Statement jewelry

Most of the time, we pull out the oversized hoops or chunky bracelets for ’80s or ’90s Halloween costumes, but you can pull them off any day, any year. If you’re just wearing jeans and a tee, put on those hoops. Spice up your blazer-and-slacks office look with stacks of chunky bracelets. Costume jewelry doesn’t have to be reserved just for your costumes.

11. Leggings

Leggings are the lazy girl’s go-to item for last minute costumes. They’re also every girls’ go-to item on lazy days. Whatever leggings–cotton, pleather or liquid leather–you wore with that oversized T-shirt on Halloween, you can wear them again with a different oversized T-shirt on Monday morning.

12. Flowers

Whether they were in a crown or bouquet, or whether they were real or fake, you can repurpose those flowers you bought for Halloween into everyday accessories. Rewrapping a flower crown to make a flower choker can make a statement, or a single flower in your hair could say it all.

13. Colorful lipstick

Colorful lipstick can make you look like a fairy or Smurf on Halloween, but it can also make a wild statement during the week. A bright red, a bold purple or a daring green is calling your name. Colorful lippies are what some days need when the rest of the week seems so dull.      

14. Statement hat

Maybe you’re trying to be a sexy Willy Wonka or Where’s Waldo this Halloween, so you already know you’re going to need that iconic top hat or beanie. But what you might not know is that hat can be a fun accessory for the days after Halloween. You’ll be thanking yourself for purchasing it when it gets chilly out or when it’s a bad hair day.

15. Boas and scarves

While it’s kind of unlikely that you’ll wear a boa to class, it can be exactly what you need to spice up a party or club outfit. You’ll get more wear out of the scarf, but who’s going to literally pull a man with a scarf at the club?

16. Corset

Corsets are having a major fashion moment right now. So, if you copped one for your Halloween costume, don’t throw it away! Wear it with an oversized tee or a button down to add a dynamic statement piece that will become essential to your everyday wardrobe. Read: Instagram influencer status.

17. Fake nails

From black stiletto acrylics to holographic press-ons, there’s something for every costume. Even though it’s Halloween, you don’t have to scare people with overgrown cuticles and nail beds that look more like graves. Unless that was your intention. Whatever you do to your nails usually lasts anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. If you’ve had your nails done for Halloween before then you already know how to take a costume accessory and make it an everyday accessory.

When we put together a Halloween costume, we think of it as something for one night only. But, there are elements to every costume that you can wear daily. Some require more risk than others, but I’m confident that you can pull it off. If you weren’t afraid of the dark on October 31, you can’t be afraid of corsets or fingerless gloves any other day. I dare you to take an accessory from your Halloween costume and wear it the week after. Let us know how it went on social media and in the comments below!

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