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14 Times Jess Day From New Girl Understood You Perfectly

Jess Day understands girls everywhere. She emulates the struggles we face and perfectly summarizes a day in the life. And hey, sometimes we just like eating cupcakes and being weird. She gets it. Here are just a few of the many times Jess was us.

1. She’s practical.

2. She gets it. Being a girl is hard.

3. She perfectly emulates you when you are watching The Notebook or any other Nicholas Sparks classic.

4. She may or may not be a little dramatic.

5. She understands that comfort outweighs confinement.

6. She tends to be extremely awkward in serious situations.

7. She still gets a little bashful when it comes to more risqué topics of discussion.

8. She has a way with words.

9. That one time she admitted this inevitable truth.

10. When she proved she has absolutely no clue what to do when she sees someone attractive.

11. Let alone what to do if that hottie tries to hold a conversation.

12.  When she stated this extremely accurate fact.

13. When she understood that sometimes you just need a little privacy, wine and T-Swift.

14. When she showed us she isn’t ashamed of who she is.  

All of us can confess we have a little inner Jess, at least one time or another. Although she is a little quirky, she shows us to be true to ourselves and own those baby farm animal checks. Have a great week collegiettes, and let your inner Jess shine!  

Photo credit: hellogiggles.com

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