10 Struggles of Finding an Outfit to Wear Out

We’ve all been there: You have five minutes left before you have to be at your friend’s house, who is a 10-minute drive away, and you’re still trying to find a top to go with those new shorts you just bought. Perhaps the hardest part about going out is trying to find an outfit to wear and actually make it work. Our ultimate goal is to look fierce and like we can conquer the world, but there are so many factors going against you that doing so seems almost impossible. I’m pretty sure we can all relate to these 10 struggles of trying to find an outfit to wear out in Midtown.

1. The night always seems to start with getting a text saying “Let’s go out!” while you’re still in bed watching Netflix.

2. Once you’ve mentally prepared yourself for the night ahead, it’s time to dry shampoo your hair and figure out what you could possibly wear.

3. You completely draw a blank — you aren’t prepared for this! So you do your makeup hoping that if you look pretty, any outfit will look good.

4. Okay, so your face is pretty and it is time to address your outfit. Maybe you could wear those high-waisted jean shorts you always wore freshman year?

5. NOPE. Absolutely not. Not happening. One too many pieces of Pizza By The Slice had you like...

6. Alright, you are moving on from that minor detour, and you are going to try that really cute top that your friend lent you.

7. What kind of bra are you supposed to wear with this? You can’t possibly go out without one. Who is the designer of this awful combination of fabric and string?

8. Panic mode has officially kicked in. How did it get so late? You naturally just start rummaging through drawers hoping to discover something you forgot about.

9. You totally forget that you have this super cute romper you’ve never worn, and it looks absolutely fantastic, somehow.

10. You’ll realize way later that you forgot to cut off the tags, but it doesn’t matter because you are going out to have a great night with your girls. Going out can be extremely difficult, from coordinating rides to figuring out where you’re even going. The most stressful part is by far finding an outfit to wear, and I hope that these struggles make this awful process just a little funnier. Stay beautiful, collegiettes!