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10 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You: Part Two

In our technology-obsessed generation, when our phones rarely ever leave our sight — let alone our hands — we justify excuses for why that certain someone isn’t contacting us. He’s not texting us back because he’s probably in chem lab curing cancer, or playing basketball with his fraternity brothers, or talking on the phone with his mom, right? Unfortunately, most of us fall prey to this subconscious denial of rejection that feels something like when Olaf the snowman was impaled — icy and unforgiving. If you’re having trouble recognizing the signs that he may not be into you, here’s a list of 10 more indicators, as a continuation from the previous article, 10 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You.


1. He doesn’t watch your Snapchat story.When you’re with him, he is glued to his phone. He wakes up in the morning and religiously watches everyone’s Snapchat story as diligently as if he were reading the morning paper. So doesn’t it seem strange that when you look at who viewed your story from last night (where, by the way, your makeup was extremely on point), you notice a certain someone has coincidentally not viewed it. No, this was not accidental. It was most likely deliberate and that is okay because obviously somebody better deserves to enjoy your fierce contour and red lipstick. The only shady thing you need in your life is your Urban Decay Naked palette, not a disinterested guy.

2. He only contacts you after 10 p.m.I mean… really? This one should go without saying. No, he is most likely not contacting you for a romantic candle-lit dinner at this time of night, and if he is professing his love for you, it may very well be the beer, not the boy, talking. He’s most likely not looking for a relationship with a girl he only cares to see when it’s dark out, so text back with caution. His affection toward you may fade away just as inevitably as the stars fade away at night for the sun the next morning.

3. You take him on your date function and he doesn’t take you on his.You mustered up the courage to ask him to go with you. You made sure you looked super hot for his fraternity when you went announcing so he could brag about you. You were so dedicated that you bought him a T-shirt even though you could’ve just saved that $20 and put it toward your deep infatuation with Tobi sales. Though you proudly posted an Instagram picture documenting the event with him, apparently the excitement about this occasion was not mutual. Instead of reciprocating the notion and asking you on his next date function, he took that girl that he swore he didn’t talk to anymore. This is precisely the situation in which you sell his T-shirt to some other girl who forgot to buy one and change his name in your phone to “Don’t Even Bother.” Trust me, you’ll feel better.

4. He calls other girls hot while he’s with you.As endearing as it is for the guy you’re having dinner with to talk about how good the waitress’ butt looks, it kind of takes away from the whole “being on a date” thing. If he feels comfortable enough to openly talk about other women he is attracted to, it probably means that, if given the opportunity, he would choose them over you. No one deserves to be someone’s second option. If he’s telling you he doesn’t only have eyes for you, then you are probably just another pretty little challenge to him. Move along because there are better guys out there who will at least not vocalize how pretty other women are.

5. He’s never posted a picture with you.Granted, there are some men out there who don’t use social media to display every moment of their lives to people, but those are few and far between. For the rest of them, we all are well aware that if they want to show something or someone off, they will post a picture about it. Especially if you have spent a lot of time with a guy, specifically on occasions where pictures were taken, if he is not posting a picture, he is probably purposely doing so. But then again, why would you need a rock showing you off when you are clearly a diamond?

6. He always ask you to come over.If he isn’t willing to make the half-mile trek to your place to hang out, what makes you think he will make the emotional trek to care about you? It may not seem like it, but if a guy is only interested in hanging out with you on his terms and only wants you to come to him, this is probably representative of how he feels about you — not worth his time or effort. Save your cardio for the gym and stop walking right into his lazy arms.

7. He doesn’t let you meet his friends.The people a person surrounds themselves with most have a very large influence on who that person becomes. Therefore, if a guy does not let you meet the people he considers himself to be close with, then you are not one of them. A guy should be excited to have you meet his friends, especially if he anticipates you becoming a larger role in his life.

8. He won’t watch chick flicks with you.Okay so maybe this sounds dumb, but if he isn’t willing to sacrifice a little macho masculinity and spend time with you doing something he knows you enjoy, then he probably is only looking out for his needs and wants, not yours. Most of us girls don’t find ESPN commentary all that fabulous, but we will watch it for a guy we like. If he won’t make the same sacrifice for some Gilmore Girls, he’s as good as gone.

9. He goes on Tinder next to you.Just no. Although Tinder was created with the innocent intentions of bringing people together as friends, in the world of college we all know it is an app popularly and solely used for people to hang out and hook up. Even if he is swiping left, it is just the very principle that he is still openly putting himself out there for other girls that should scream “no” to you. Your attention toward him clearly isn’t enough, so let that girl holding the puppy in her Tinder picture deal with him, not you.

10. He doesn’t know your favorite color.It’s the little things that show that someone cares about you. If a guy who you deem special in your life does not remember the small, insignificant things about you, such as favorite color, food, major or birthday, then he certainly has no intention of making any part of you significant in his life. We listen to others because we care to know them better. If he doesn’t know your simple qualities, don’t even fool yourself into thinking he’ll want to deal with your complexities.

Of course, none of these points apply to every guy because people vary vastly in the way they go about showing affection towards others. This is simply a general guide for the busy college woman who does not need to be spending her precious time on someone who will not appreciate it. Many things will not fit us in life, whether they be expensive heels that are on sale, a new job that we thought we would love, or a boy who we thought could be the one. We just need to learn to let go of those things and people who don’t fit because none of us want shoes that hurt, a job that sucks, or a guy who really doesn’t care. Keep in mind that a man’s interest does not equate with our self-worth, and we are not any less beautiful just because we are not constantly being pursued by a guy. Flattery is nice, but self-acceptance is nicer. We need to love ourselves even when the guy named “Bae” in our phones doesn’t. Frankly, we are too awesome to be wasting our time on guys who are obviously just not that into us.

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