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Winter Prep: How to have the best winter of your life

We all know how the cold winter months are: the layers come on, series are loaded and your warm bed is waiting for you. But what if I told you there was a similar vibe in winter as in #hotgirlsummer? Winter is said to be a time for metamorphosis in the human body and soul and we need to take advantage of that! In this article I’ve included some of the best things you can do this winter to keep your mental, physical and emotional health in check and flourishing.

The first thing you should do is sit down and take stock of your life. As winter begins, there is a clarity and calmness that comes with it. Use this period of time to sit and write down 5 points you would like your life to head in. They don’t have to be major points. For example: achieve a student salary of x amount per month while studying. Learn to cook healthier meals. Start running twice a week. These are basic, achievable goals that you are striving towards in the coming months. Remember that if you don’t angle your life in the direction you want, you will never get there! 

The second thing you will want to begin doing is picking up hobbies/rituals that correlate with the different aspects of your being. These aspects include your mental, physical and emotional health. For your mental health and clarity, you should try start some form of meditation. Now, I don’t mean meditation as in sitting-cross-legged-trying-to-clear-your-mind-while-your-most-embarrassing-life-moments-flash-before-your-eyes. I mean meditation by the definition of using mindfulness to create a more mentally clear state. This can be through writing for 10 minutes before you go to sleep, stretching for 10 minutes when you wake up, doing an online yoga or Pilates class (I like FitOn – ‘cause it’s got everything!) or you could spend some time in your day doing arts and crafts like painting or drawing. Anything goes as long as you are calm and your brain goes into auto-clear mode!

The second aspect is your physical state. How is your body doing? Does it need rest? Does it need to get a bit stronger? Sometimes we worry so much about ‘looking good’ we forget that having developed muscles actually makes everyday tasks easier for you and your body! Start a hobby that will aid this. Incorporate a 20-minute workout into your mornings or evenings. Something simple, fun and not too hard. Start going to roller-skating classes once a week, go for a midday walk before lunch time or go for weekend and midweek hikes to get those legs and that booty working! Winter may be cold but it doesn’t mean that we have to vegetate. 

The last aspect to focus on this winter is your emotional health. One way to improve this is through being mindful of what you eat. Sometimes eating crazy unhealthy foods make our emotions go all over the place. When you eat veggies and fruit you are leveling out your hormones – which in turn levels out your emotions! Another way to improve your emotional health is by making sure you have 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night. Pretty tough to do, but very rewarding the next day.

By using the formula above and focusing on 3 main areas of your being, you can try align your winter to be empowering and rejuvenating. Incorporate positive mental, physical and emotional coping mechanisms into your everyday and watch your life flourish in 2021. 

Stay warm and safe,

Your girl, N

Ocean-lover, adventurer, writer. I enjoy reading and drinking coffee. I am passionate about my studies and empowering womxn. In my free time I work as a medic on the road and I teach self-defence to young girls in underprivileged areas through a NPO called FightBackSA.
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