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We all need a bit of self-lovin’.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCT chapter.

We often get so caught up in the stress and pressures at university that we forget to focus on ourselves. I know that self-care can be difficult because it seems like we just don’t have the time anymore. However, self-care is such an important part in not only helping us function as human beings but helping us flourish too.

The first step to taking better care of yourself is to stop and think. Maybe this means waking up 5 minutes before your alarm in the morning or it could be the 10-minute Jammie ride to varsity. Allow yourself to remain calm and let go of any troubling thoughts. Being at one with your mind helps you to get in touch with your ego. Learning to calm it is a powerful tool.

Secondly, be embracing of all things you! There seems to be a negative correlation between self-love and narcissism. However, focusing on you is a way of being in touch with what your body, mind and soul needs. Scheduling time alone is the best way. This could include looking up at the stars on a warm evening or having a soothing bubble bath.

Next, it is important to practice self-affirmation mantras. Our minds are powerful tools. An example of this is the saying, “What you think, you become.” Therefore, conditioning our minds to think of ourselves positively aids in boosting our self-esteem. Every morning, when brushing your teeth, look into the mirror and repeat, “You are loved. You are enough.”

Another step in practising self-care is exercise. It is scientifically proven that exercise releases endorphins, which makes us happy. However, there is a fine line between exercising to help us heal and grow; and exercising as punishment. Remember that our bodies are powerful beings. They are magnificent and are worthy of love. Over-exercising does more hurt our bodies and good. And we need to give our bodies all the goodness that it deserves. Going for a 30-minute run is a great way of clearing negative thoughts and escaping the business of the world.

Ever heard of the saying, “Treat yo’self’? Well if you haven’t, now is the time. Our bodies react positively to rewards. Why not use this technique to enhance our happiness? Okay, this doesn’t mean go all out! It’s important to remain balanced. This could mean that you go out for dinner with a friend as a reward for doing well in a test.Lastly, learn to let go of things that do not serve you because you deserve to be happy. Whether it’s a toxic relationship or maybe it is letting go of the negative thoughts you have about yourself. Start living for yourself and embrace every part of what makes you, you. Self-care is tough in a society where we don’t often get to focus our attention on ourselves.

Stop becoming so consumed with trying to be the perfect person or achieving your incredibly high goals. Take a break and start to check in with your body. Go easy on yourself because, after all, you are pretty amazing!