The Ultimate Study Playlist

If you´ve ever forgotten your headphones at home, you´ll know that moment of panic when you're at Uni and can't find them. First thoughts: How the flip am I going to survive the day without that steady stream of *insert favourite artist* playing in my ears?

Uni students across the board have a deep appreciation for their music, whether it's the soundtrack to your walk between classes or the bubble it provides you to escape the world for a bit. But when studying for exams and that soundtrack needs to help you focus, what are some of the go-to songs you listen to?

Some tips when compiling that ULTIMATE study playlist:

  1. According to GoConqr the best music to study to is classical. ¨Classical music is peaceful and harmonious making it one of the best options to listen to when studying.¨ Nature-inspired sounds are also recommended, as it aids relaxation.

2. Don't listen to your music at too high volumes. The music will distract you from your studies.

3. It's also a great idea to make playlists that last for 40 to 50 minutes. When the playlist ends, it will act as a reminder to take a short break from studying. Remember to focus your time on your studies and not perfecting that playlist.

4. FastWeb! advises listening to timed tempos. What's great about this is that modern jams fall into this category as well. Studies have shown that music timed at 60 beats-per-minute ease the mind; putting brains into a more productive mode where thinking is creatively is easier.¨

5. Another great genre is modern electronic, commonly referred to as ´chill out´ music. The genres include Ambient House, Ambient Trance, New Age and Trip Hop.

6. BUT as TopUniversities says, don't worry too much about what the research says, instead focus on which genres work for you… so whether it's the Mozart Effect or the Drake effect, let your choice of jams take you to that place of optimal studying.

To help you out, we´ve compiled a list of a few UCT student study track faves:

  • ¨ ´Sacrifices´ by Drake and ´Tunnel Vision´ by Kodak Black. They both rap about focusing (Tunnel Vision) and Drizzy speaks about sacrificing, which is what we gotta do at Uni every day, with the hope it pays [off]¨ - Joshua

  • ¨Sheep May Safely Graze - Bach

            String Quartet in A minor - Mendelssohn

            Clair de lune - Debussy

            Nocturnes - Debussy

            Symphony No. 3 in F Major - Brahms¨ - Jen Worthington-Smith

  • ¨Harry Potter audio books. [Also] Fine Music Radio is a good one - station 101.3¨ - Alice Stobart

  • ¨Jazz jazz jazz ¨ - Zhea Jordaan

  • ¨Any Chloe and Halle songs¨ - Tamutswa Mahari

  • ¨Tom Misch¨ - Ntokoza Mayekiso

  • ¨Alina Baraz Urban Flora EP is OG! Anything by petite Bisquit. Otherwise, Gladiator Soundtrack, Transformers Soundtrack, Iron Man 2 soundtrack, August Rush soundtrack. Any Lofi Hip Hip chill mixes on YouTube will do. Especially the ones with crazy Japanese artist graphics in the picture. And for white noise or sad study days, accompanied by any of the youtube tracks on offer¨ - Lerato Mokethi.

  • ¨Anything Stevie Wonder¨ - Tayla Pinto


So, whatever your go-to playlist is for this set of exams and the ones to come, take the research regarding what works best with a pinch of salt (*insert Salt Bae*) and go for what works for you. And all the best from all of us here at Her Campus UCT, go out and slay those papers!