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Podcasts have been around since about 2004: a distant time before a few of us were even in existence. Yet all this time later, this outlet of information we love to consume is still richly a part of our lives.

Like movies or YouTube videos, podcasts have a certain topic or genre that is the central focus throughout each episode. Whether that’s true crime or comedy. The choice is yours. It is often discussed that the main distinction between traditional methods of media consumption and how we enjoy podcasts if our consumption through listening, rather than seeing. As a result,  podcasts are extremely convenient to access information quickly, as it requires only one of your senses at a time, even if you’re on the move. 

Considering the recent uptake in podcast consumption through platforms like Spotify, podcasts have never been so easily accessible for your ears to enjoy! 

Here are a few of my top picks I can’t get enough of this year so far: 

Speaking of Psychology 

As a psychology major, I’d be lying if I said I don’t spend most of my days dreading those inevitable 100-page readings. I’ve been looking for an easier yet credible way to consume information about the world of Psychology. This is where this podcast was perfect for me.

It’s produced by the American Psychological Association, making it extremely reliable and factually trustworthy. It looks at the most important and relevant psychological research being conducted today. Each episode addresses complicated discussion topics and simplifies them into comprehensible explanations that can be accessed in the everyday. You don’t have to be a psychology student to love this podcast: you can easily apply these interesting conversations into your everyday life. 

Beyond the Grid 

If you didn’t know, Formula 1 is my entire personality. So, it wouldn’t quite be me if this podcast didn’t get an honourable mention! 

Beyond the Grid gives the favourites from the Formula 1 community a platform to speak on all things “F1”. They host grid drivers like Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, and Maclaren’s Lando Norris as well as team principals. Living up to its namesake, we really do get a peak into the crazy world beyond the grid. 

This podcast is great for all fans, new and old.  It’s a fantastic way to gain more insight into the sport and the people behind it, who make it beautiful. 

Call Her Daddy 

One of my personal favourites. This podcast hosted by Alex Cooper asks the questions we are all desperate to hear the answers to, but are maybe a bit to shy to ask ourselves.

With many A-list celebs sharing her couch, we get a deep dive into the lives and controversies surrounding big names of pop culture.Additionally, we see Alex take on conversations that are often considered taboo and hidden behind closed doors, particularly for women. She looks at discussion topics such as the male gaze for instance. Her podcast is currently ranked the ‘most listened to’ by women on Spotify and is definitely one you should give a listen. 

True Crime South Africa 

Now if pop culture or educational listening’s not really your thing, then this crime podcast is definitely for you. 

This podcast sheds some much needed light on the solved and unsolved mysteries from our very own country. Be ready for some chilling stories and fascinating investigations. 

‘Anything Goes’ with Emma Chamberlain 

Last but not least, the much-loved internet personality Emma Chamberlain (who has built her brand on relatability) has now branched out to an even more relatable podcast. 

If you’re looking for a comical spin on some heavy topics, you’ll really take an interest in this. Emma has created a platform to make a safe space to host a conversation about anything and everything. 

Hey! My name is Lekia Collene Thaver (lct) and I am a 3rd year BA student majoring in Psychology, English and Sociology a combination that continually challenges my thought processes about the world and the people in it. My free time is spent writing about anything and everything and when I am not lost in my imagination, I am watching fast cars go around in oddly shaped circles or I'm exploring new places in and around Cape Town with my friends and family.