Mental Health Matters! Go Shopping If You Need To


There is so much distress and pain in the world, as people move in between and outside the parallels of this earth. We often feel suffocated and empty because much is expected and demanded from us. And as a result, we forget to look after our mental health. Mental health is important at every stage of life: from childhood to adulthood, as it impacts our thoughts and behaviour.  

Mental disorders rank among the most substantial causes of death worldwide. Raising awareness about mental health increases the chances for early intervention, reduces negative labels that have been set to describe people with mental illness and helps illnesses to be managed by prescribed treatment or therapy. Therapy is intended to relieve or heal a disorder.

A popular form of therapy that is beneficial for some people is retail therapy. Retail therapy is a short-lived habit that enables individuals to relieve themselves from any frustration and stress. In fact, it is rather therapeutic: it is like replacing the old with the new. Moreover, one of the benefits of retail therapy is that it gives off a feeling of self-control. Meanwhile sadness and fraustration are feelings that one experiences when circumstances is beyond their control. So, by using shopping as a form of therapy, one gets a sense of control and satisfaction.

Furthermore, by purchasing items individuals are able to boost their confidence. In a sense that you become aware that not everything around you is out of your control. Through shopping you realise that you still have power over your life and what gives you joy.

However, seeking therapy from a professional therapist or counselor is also highly recommended. Reason being mental illness can be a chronic disease in some individuals whereas others need to be diagnosed and given treatment. Thus, to rely on retail therapy as a way of avoiding trauma or stress that you may have experienced in your childhood or adulthood, is not always a good idea. Seeking help and professional advice is always good. There is so much happening in this world, everything is moving so fast and we forget to feel and process some things that happen to us.

Most of the time we just need to breathe, talk to someone, and process our feelings before we rush onto the next phase of our lives. Spreading mental awareness could be a starting point for all of us. In this way more people will speak up, all of us will do some digging and introspection and slowly we will start to feel less lonely in this big world.