Say Good-Bye to Acne

Most of us know the struggles of having acnes especially when there is an important date. Breakouts are especially common if we are going through our monthly cycle, or having intense stress for our upcoming exams. Personally, I began to have small acnes that always leave scars on my face when I entered my second year of college. But recently I finally found a way that cleared up my skin entirely, and I am currently three full months into my healthier, clearer skin. Below is the list for all the supplements and skin care routines I have for acne-free skin.

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  • Primrose oil

    • Primrose oil is really helpful for those who suffer from period cramps, or any menstrual symptoms because of its fatty acid. Not only did it help lessen the pain every month during my cycle, it helped with my acnes. One of the causes of acne is hormonal imbalance and if primrose oil treats women’s hormonal imbalance, it will help me acne as well.

  • Multi-Vitamin

    • Multi-Vitamin usually contains essential vitamins for everyday, such as vitamin A, and vitamin D. Vitamin A helps your skin to exfoliate naturally which can help with acnes. Vitamin D works to reduce sebums that cause cystic acnes or small whiteheads.

  • Enzymes

    • I always used to have acnes on my cheeks, and ever since I took digestive enzymes, the acnes that used to inhabit my cheeks are no longer there! I later found out that poor digestive condition can lead to acne, because without good digestion, it creates bad bacteria in the gut and later add more toxins in our system.


  • Zinc

  • Green tea

  • Cacao nibs

  • Probiotic pills

    • Probiotic pills are my go-to supplements for healthier looking skin. It helps my bowel condition as well as getting rid of toxins out of my body.

  • Double washing my face

    • Girls, if you do your makeup, the most important step is to remove it. Try not to put your makeup on more than 8 hours a day. If you don’t have any chance to remove it earlier, put your skin to rest at least during the weekends.

  • Sulfur

    • Sulfur treatments have been working magic on my acnes whenever they seemed to build up in the deeper layers of my skin. I used “bye-bye blemish” to dab it on each acne and most of the time, I can visibly see the decrease in size next morning.

  • Tea tree oil

    • Tea tree oil.. What more can I say? I usually use it on my shoulders and back because for some reason, it works everywhere on my body except my face. You can also use face wash or body wash that contains tea tree oil. Unlike its name, the tea tree oil minimizes the oil production.


  • Salicylic Acid


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How do I keep up with this regime? Easy. Taking one multi-vitamin pill a day with your daily dose of primrose oil in the morning, and have cacao nibs and green tea for your snack! Whenever you are eating a hefty meal, just don’t forget to take the digestive enzymes. After shower, which I strongly recommend you to do everyday, put zinc cream all over your face with a little dab of sulfur as the last step.