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2020 has been a whirlwind year that has all of us pulling our hair out and experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety than before. To cope with all of this we need to get into the practice of indulging in self-care and taking care of ourselves. Step into the Autumn season and unwind from all the fear, stress, and anxiety with these 4 steps.
Candles Galore!

Enter pumpkin spice and everything nice!! Aromatherapy is incredibly powerful. An amazing way to de-stress is to light some candles and fill the room with a scent you love. Scents are powerful in creating ambiences, and can truly shift the mood and vibe of a room. Inhale the aroma and let yourself breathe deeply, exhaling all the negativity and stress you are feeling.  

DW Home has an entire tab dedicated to fall candles. Shop here: https://www.dwhome.com/collections/fall

Autumn Movies/TV Shows: 

With all of us cooped up at home, clinging to our childhood comforts has been the theme of 2020. So snuggle up with your warm blankets and watch the classics. Here are some old and new film/tv shows to either de-stress, get into the fall spirit, or both!

Harry Potter is always perfect, but it is especially impeccable during fall. (Currently on Peacock)

Twilight can be defined as an autumn film; It was made for the rain and grey skies. (Currently on Prime)

The Magicians is a brilliant fantasy tv-show about magic and is almost like a R rated version of Harry Potter, with much more violence and cursing. (Netflix)

The Good Place is a great show about the afterlife and what it means to be humane and a good person. It’s a hopeful show and has a beautiful message. (Netflix)

New Girl is another amazing show (one of my top 5 of all time). It is hilarious and the only show in which I laugh out loud in every single episode. It finally has been getting the recognition it deserves during quarantine, so definitely check it out. It is heartwarming, hilarious, and has drama and romance: the entire package. (Netflix)

Music: I love making playlists for various moods. Spotify has so many playlists to choose from. Here are a few that I made. You can also look up rain sounds, ocean sounds, and endless types of playlists to suit your moods.

Rainy Days Playlist


Dark Enchanted Night Playlist


Instrumental Playlist (for studying, reading, and/or unwinding)


Meditations: I like many have tried to pick up meditation, and though it has not become a regular part of my life, when I desperately need to calm down or clear my mind, having some meditation videos or exercises ready to go, is immensely useful. Below are some linked to a YouTube video and some TikToks that can immediately help you.

5 Guided Minute Calming Meditation: https://youtu.be/i50ZAs7v9es

Breathing exercise: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJuC63TL/

Anxiety Coping Physiological Technique: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJuCRAUv/

Vanathi is a student at UC San Diego who loves laughing till she cries and bingeing way too many Netflix shows. She is a fiery, warm, compassionate, and goofy. She loves fantasy and space and dreams of living in Hogwarts one day. She is a performer and a romantic, and squeals over sunsets and the night sky.
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