3 Reasons Why I Switched Birth Control

I have been on birth control since I was 16 years old, that is 7 years of my life with hormones being released in my body every month. Now, at 23 years old, I made a decision to remove my implant (implanon) birth control because I wanted to see how my body would be with a different birth control method. Here is why I decided to take out my implanon birth control and switch to the vaginal ring birth control. (Please keep in mind that birth control is tricky, and can have a different effect on everyone because our bodies are different from one another, this is just my personal experience!)

  1. 1. Mood Changes

    After starting my arm implant birth control, I noticed that my mood would go up and down all the time. I felt like I became more sensitive to little things and would oftentimes find myself upset without a reason, my anxiety increased as well.I know these symptoms seem small, but my birth control made a drastic difference in my mood since I started it.

  2. 2. Increased Appetite/Weight Gain

    woman eating hamburger

    Another symptom I experienced was a heavy increase in appetite. I remember that immediately after I started my arm implant, I would feel extremely hungry even if I was already full. I ended up gaining around 20 pounds during that time period. Ugh!

  3. 3. Irregular periods

    I did not have my period for almost 3 years on the arm implant, but then out of nowhere I started getting my periods for a month straight. I have never been able to keep track of my periods because they have been extremely inconsistent. And I really do not like having my periods for weeks at a time.

I took out my birth control in hopes to find improvements in these issues. If you read the side effects of birth control, you will see a long list of side effects. I think sometimes we tend to overlook these side effects but they are real and can affect your bodies and mental health a lot! In no way am I trying to discourage the arm implant or encourage no birth control, I just want to bring awareness and share how birth control has affected me! Please use at your own risk.