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If you’re anything like me, going into auto-pilot is a regular occurrence. The second life gets a little turbulent, you start living your life as if it’s a matter of survival, and the next thing you know, you’re stuck in a loop. When the COVID-19 lockdown first began, I found myself desperately trying to feel like I was living and not just surviving. That’s when coffee became an integral part of my life.


When I started using a French press instead of a Keurig for my morning coffee, I was a little bit overwhelmed. After all, a robot had been doing everything for me for as long as I’d drank coffee. Quickly, though, I got the hang of it and fell in love with the fact that every single morning I got to indulge in something for no one but myself. Measuring the coffee, boiling the water, setting a timer, and wondering if today’s might be the best cup I’ve made yet have become the moments that ground me every single morning.


Coffee’s not your thing? That’s just fine! There are plenty of moments at your disposal to turn into your own bit of magic. Pay attention to the small tasks in your day that feel small, and make them big. How does it feel to find the perfect temperature of water to splash your face with when you wash your face at night? Have you noticed how when you make your bed, it’s a small gift for future-you to come home to? Is putting on your makeup a form of self-love -- time by yourself and for yourself? There are endless moments that have the potential to be infinitely peaceful and grounding.


Whether it be your morning coffee or making your bed, the acts we do every day are often rooted in self-love and pleasure that just hasn’t been recognized. Find these moments and embrace them fully. 

Hi there! I'm Bri, I'm a linguistics major at UCSC who loves pop culture, true crime, and my sweet baby cat, Marlo.
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