Her Campus Finals Survival Kit


Hey girls! It's finals weeks and you know what that means! Finals Survival kit time! We'd like to take the time now to thank our sponsors – Cold-EEZE, Chipotle, Kettle Brand, Aritzia, TRESemme`, LUNA, CamelBak, chain & charcoal, Cosaella, and BaubleBar. What's in the kit? Let's find out!



With finals, it's hard to keep your hair in fabulous condition. TRESemme's got our back though, with a complete set of sample shampoo, conditioner and heat treatment along with a travel size hairspray.


Timeline Project

We've been given the first volume of The Timeline Projects chockful of tips and tricks on life and people!



Fancy undies for everyone! Cute and comfy to boot! We've enjoying a 25% discount for lingerie, sleepwear and so on!


Kettle Brand

Kettle Brand seeks to bring us together using chips and tote bags to bring us together! The idea is that you eat the chips fill out the post cards included, put something in the bag like treats or a present and give it to your neighbors to introduce yourself, then use the tag #HeyNeighbor @Kettlebrand to share your experience!



Also got a box full of chocolate peppermint stick LUNA bars to keep us nourished. Lovely!



Surely ait must be witchery. A way to shorten your cold? Impossible, yet true. Use it on the first day of symptoms and soon your cold will be a thing of the past.



Get hyped cause with these buy one get one free card for Chipotle you and a friend could get a great lunch for the price of one!



Camelbak's BPA-free water bottle is a great water bottle for anything from exercise to studying.



The bracelet we got is fabulous and the website has even more fantastic jewelry from bracelets to necklaces.


chains & charcoal

We were lucky enough to receive a $20 gift card to pay for purchases from their College Catwalk Collection. All of this jewelry we can't even.


These treats are sure to help us out this week! Stay tuned on our facebook page on how to get some of these goodies!