Your Vote in California Matters

November 6th is being labeled as the most important election because we as a country are electing congress men and women to represent our interests in the state and capitol. As a historically blue state, Californians tend to get apathetic about voting, but you can’t let that happen during this election. Your vote matters. 435 United States House seats and 33 Senate seats are up for grabs in Washington D.C. and you have the power, as your right, to put the people you believe will do the best job in those seats and propel our country forward.

As for California, we are also electing our governor, so make sure you cast your vote to put who you believe will do their best for our beloved state. Young people statistically vote the least out of all age demographics. Let’s not become a statistic on November 6th for the sake of your own future and the future of this country. One small thing such as showing up to your local voting center, and letting your voting voice be heard, can help your fellow citizens and the wellbeing of this country. The official last day for voter registration is October 22nd.

Image via @luciadong

2018 is the “Year of the Woman,” as a record 257 women are running for House and Senate seats, and you could have the power to put them there! You, as a young woman, should be a good citizen by registering and voting for what you believe in, regardless of what your political party is. If this is your first election, get involved in your debut as an adult to vote and make the best of it! Be confident in yourself! Get informed! Please research who you plan to place in seats and what propositions will be up for vote in your state. It is your fundamental right, so get it girl!