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Is Your Skin Stressing You Out?

Let’s be honest, as college students we already have enough things to worry about and our skin should not be one of them. With all the stress we go through with meeting deadlines, coming up with excuses as to why we could not meet those deadlines, and studying for exams, it’s pretty common that our skincare routine takes a backseat. Being a 20-year-old female college student struggling with skin problems can definitely take a hit on your self-esteem. I thought once high school was over so were the zits! However, the solution for any skin type is an effective skin routine and patience. Often, the stress of having acne tends to create more acne. 

So here is a routine that may help some fellow pimple-poppers; products that you need would be a cleanser (duh), toner (optional), and an exfoliant!


As far as cleansers go, the Clinique liquid facial is a must have, although it’s a little more expensive than most drug-store brands. Clinique is great because it works well with both oily and dry skin. The Clinique cleanser makes it super easy to wash off any remaining makeup, including those tough coal eyeliner residues. It also works great in drying out any remaining blemishes that you may have on your face. If you tend to have cystic acne this definitely helps the process of drying! 



Toner is important if you are someone who has had a lot of acne before. Toner helps bring your skin tone back, getting rid of all those red, blotchy blemishes. With toner, you must be patient and use it regularly or else you will not see any difference. The Clinique toner works very well, but you cannot really go wrong with any branded toner. Remember, that with the use of toner you MUST use sunscreen to avoid sensitivity and the deepening of the color of your blemishes. 




Exfoliants gently remove built up stem cells, getting rid of those gross blackheads. Using an exfoliant leaves you with unclogged pores making you feel fresh – as if you have a new set of skin cells. Many people use facemasks or just gentle scrubs to get the exfoliating done. If you have some time on your hands you can always make your own exfoliating scrubs with common ingredients in your kitchen, such as sugar. 



However, the number one thing that can help you out as far as skin goes is… relaxing and sleeping! Pimples and zits are just your body telling you that you should probably eat a carrot or two and get some healthy exercise in every once in a while. Every skin type is different, and sometimes these solutions cannot help, but having a daily skin routine is a must for healthy and beautiful skin. Always remember it is what is on the inside that matters, and healthy skin ultimately just reflects a healthy body!

Shefali Agarwal is a second year Communications Major at University of California Santa Barbara, hoping to pursue PR in the future. In addition to writing for Her Campus, Shefali enjoys traveling, eating, reading and playing volleyball. Anything that gets her out there and active is a must do. See what she is up to on Instagram @shefalee!
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