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We all know this too well: waking up to an early morning alarm to drag yourself out of bed ten minutes before class, contemplating why you signed up for yet more 8 a.m. classes this quarter. I always question how I was able to wake up before the sun was even out back in high school. Now, it’s safe to say that the majority of us are not morning people and morning classes are one of the worst things we have to face in our college experience. But, hear me out, a.m. classes might not be as bad as you think they are. Unless you really want to go out of your way and fight for afternoon classes during your pass times, there’s really no way to avoid morning classes, so why not embrace them instead? Here are some positive outlooks to make you feel better about your 8 a.m.’s:

You are more productive in the morning.

Haters might disagree, but you feel more refreshed and focused in the morning. Having morning classes allows you to get into a grove and get your work done early in the day. Then, you get the afternoon free to focus on yourself. You can go to the gym, grab a bite with your friends, or do anything that you say you don’t have the time to do.

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It gives you a healthy lifestyle.

Having to wake up early means sleeping early. Morning classes help you develop a healthy sleeping schedule. Personally, I know I’ve spent too much money on Yerbas just to stay awake. Save your budget on caffeine and get rid of those eyebags with a full seven to eight hours of sleep!

Most importantly, waking up early means being able to eat breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it restocks your supply of nutrients that are essential to keep your energy level up throughout the day!

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You get to make the most of everyday.

We live on a beautiful campus by the beach where the sunrise is just breathtaking. Let that be the first thing you see when you wake up. I can guarantee that will definitely put you in a good mood to conquer the rest of the day. When you’re done with your a.m. classes, you now have more hours in the day to do everything you need or want to. You also have time to end the night with some self-care before going to sleep!

Practice for your future career.

From Michelle Obama to Mindy Kaling, it is a fact that most successful people are early birds. People in the professional world usually wake up earlier than 8 a.m.to start their day. College is the perfect place to practice so train yourself to do it now rather than later!

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Christine is a first-year Global Studies major, she is also planning to double major in Political Science. She is currently loving her life in UCSB and enjoys the perk of living by the beach. She wishes to travel in the future and possibly pursue a career in law. You can usually find her chillin' around campus with a Blenders in her hand!
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Adar is a fourth-year student at UC Santa Barbara, studying Sociology. She is an avid creative writer, podcast listener, music enthusiast, and foodie. Loving everything from fashion and lifestyle to women's empowerment, she hopes to work for a major women's publication one day. See what Adar is up to on Instagram @adarbear.