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Why Should People Vote?

Elections are right around the corner, and you know what that means? VOTE, VOTE, and VOTE. It is time to have your voices heard. Here is what a few fellow students had to answer in regards to the question of, “Why should people vote?”

Name: Justice Dumlao

Pronouns: he/they pronouns

Major: “I am a Global Studies major with a minor in LGBTQ studies.”

Hobbies: “One of my hobbies is creating art from random household objects.”

Why should people vote?

“I think it’s important for people to vote in any election they can because it is one of the best ways that you can not only directly work towards change, but also because it is important to educate yourself about the issues that go on within your community. In a world where it is more important than ever to be truly knowledgeable about our politics, we have to create a culture that creates a bigger priority out of voting.”


Name: Jalia Carlton-Carew

Major: Film and Media Studies

Hobby: “I love to work on film and theatre productions. I performed “My Short Skirt” in the Vagina Monologues and HerStories production this past February.”

Why should people vote?

“People should vote so they have a say in who represents them.”


Name: Diego Cobos

Major: Political Science

Hobby/fact: “I hate staying in, I love spending the day having adventures with my friends!”

Why should people vote?

“People should vote because they make the difference. Anything that is promised cannot be enacted unless the people vote, and support our platforms!”


Name: Joey Medina

Major: Pre Sociology

Hobbies: Loves Steven Universe and Role Playing Games like DND

Why should people vote?

“People should vote so we can fix all the problems in this country and the world.”


Name: Steven Ho

Major: Biology and Asian American Double Major

Fun fact: “I am a current On-Campus Senator”

Why should people vote?

“People should vote because students need to elect the students that will fairly represent them.”


Name: Xochitl Briseno (Xo)

Major: Political Science/ Spanish

Fun fact: “I am afraid of birds”

Why should people vote?

“It is super important to vote because there is power in our movements, power in you, and power in us.”


Name: Zion Solomon

Major: Pre Econ/accounting

Hobbies/fun fact: “I can do spins on ice skates!”

Why should people vote?

“You should vote because the people you elect are the ones that decide where funding is allocated. Vote so that you have a seat at the table and you have people you know are inclined to represent your needs!”


Name: Jeike Meijer

Major: Global Studies/ Feminist Studies

Fun Fact: “I would be the first Native American to hold an exec position.”

Why should people vote?

“Everyone should vote because right now only 30% of the school has voted but more voices deserve to be recognized.”


Get out there and vote gauchos!

My name is Jasmine Marie Palmerin. I am a second year, majoring in English and Sociology.
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