West vs East Coast: UCSB Takes on Stockton U

The showdown between the West and East coast is a competition as old as time. We teamed up with HC Stockton to see just how different we really are. West coast, best coast!

What is your campus known for?


"Parties, parties, parties." - Carmen, Class of 2019

"Our campus is known for partying and the beach. But also research!!" - Siobhan, Class of 2016


"We are definitely known for Lake Fred, hands down." - La-Tasha, Class of 2018

"I've had several professors call us a "hippie liberal" school and I think that's pretty accurate." - Jessica, Class of 2018

What do you think of the other coast?


"All I think about are snow storms and blizzards, tbh." - Kim, Class of 2016

"I think it's great, but that may be because my only interaction with that coast is from Gossip Girl and the Carrie Diaries so I may have a bit of an unrealistic view." - Lily, Class of 2019


"When I think of the West Coast, I think of really positive, laid back vibes: surfing, beaches, a care-free and relaxed attitude. And being very health conscious!" - Savannah, Class of 2018

"I'm probably too obsessed with the West Coast (even though I've never been there!). I mean, there's In-n-Out and most of the celebs end up over there." - Naijasia, Class of 2018

What song is your coast's anthem?


HC UCSB: California Girls - Katy Perry!


HC Stockton: Anything by Fetty Wap!

Go-to outfit for girls on campus?


"Crop tops and high-waisted shorts." - Allison, Class of 2017

"Shorts and tank tops. Bikinis are basically our uniform!" - Kristine, Class of 2018


"Most girls wear leggings with anything and everything!" - Savannah, Class of 2018

"Leggings, Vans or boots, and a sweater." - Daniella, Class of 2019

What's the most popular "drunchie?"


"Freebirds monster burritos or nachos, of course." - Sian, Class of 2017

"Buffalo. Chicken. Cheese. Fries. YUM!" - Kirby, Class of 2016


"Mac and Cheese from Wawa!" - Rachel, Class of 2018

"Powdered donuts or Mac and Cheese." - Daniella, Class of 2019


HC Stockton answers our toughest questions:

HC UCSB: Do you wear sweats to parties since it's so freaking cold?!

HC Stockton: "'Girls who go out can't feel the cold.' - Ancient proverb" - Naijasia, Class of 2018

HC UCSB: What's it like going to class when it snows?

HC Stockton: "A NIGHTMARE. All the memes you've seen are true: we have to take dog sleds to class while we're dressed in full-blown snowsuits." - Savannah, Class of 2018

And we answer theirs...

HC Stockton: Are you, like, ALL Youtubers?!

HC UCSB: "I am not like a regular YouTuber, I'm a cool YouTuber ;)" - Bianca, Class of 2017

                   "No, but it's not uncommon to bump into a famous YouTuber, especially in LA." - Sally, Class of 2019

HC Stockton: Do you know celebrities?

HC UCSB: "Finding celebrities in California is probably one of the hardest things ever, but some people make it look so easy. I've yet to stumble into Ryan Gosling at the super market, but here's to hoping!" - Naomi, Class of 2017

                   "No, I have not met any celebrities, but I like to think of myself as a pretty big deal. Does that count?" - Lisa, Class of 2016


To see even more showdown questions & check out Stockton U's take on UCSB, check out their article! Thanks for collabing with us, ladies! HCXO