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Women in Media: Advice, Art, and Anecdotes

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UCSB’s Women in Media Club (WIM) held their 6th annual conference this month, on April 30th and May 1st. The two day star-studded event held panels of influential women in all media careers, ranging from marketing, to screenwriting, to journalism, to film. 

As a club member, I may be biased, but I feel that I gained so much from attending. In case you’re feeling some major FOMO from missing such an incredible event, I have some notes to fill you in! 

Each of the eight panels,  “First Few Years,” “Live Events,” “Film Company Executives,” “Adulting 101,” “Journalism,” “Screenwriting,” “Marketing and PR,” and “Leading Ladies,”  brought forth a new form of media by diverse women who are paving the way for the future. Many expressed professional and personal insights, such as embracing authenticity when networking, offering kindness to all colleagues and friends, and building confidence for future endeavors. 

The final panel was my personal favorite! Entitled “Leading Ladies,” it featured director and filmmaker Hannah Lux Davis, who is known for her work directing Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” music video. She was joined on the panel by Krista Carnegie, CEO and Founder of Blaktop Management. These two talent powerhouses offered incredible life and professional advice. 

Davis’ most emphasized point was to “over-prepare so you can be flexible on the day.” She notes that she prides herself on her attention to detail, and this allows the “magic” of the moment to shine through when all the technicalities of the day are organized. Carnegie expressed that “No is nothing but a hurdle,” reminding the young women in the audience that even successful people hear “no” on a monthly, if not weekly basis. She imparted the wisdom that rejection is simply just redirection — and has the success to show for it. 

Side note: If you’re familiar with the Madison Beer, “I was supposed to be in the video,” meme, this was brought up to Davis in an audience member’s question. Davis once and for all ended the rumors: Beer was not supposed to be in the video! Revelations like this one along with the more business focused side made the WIM conference an unforgettable experience. 

Each of the guest speakers truly revealed underlying ties and lessons that ring true across all media careers. One common thread among nearly every panel was simple, yet powerful: be kind to everyone. Many of the panelists, like founder and executive producer of Auburn Avenue Films (and UCSB Professor!) Wendy Jackson on the Film Company Executives Panel emphasized that kindness is everything — especially when in such a small, well-connected industry, you never know who you’ll run into again! 

The WIM Executive Board, Taylor Burke (President), Alexandra Lee (VP Marketing), Giovi Andreassi (VP Merchandise), and Amy Hana’s (VP Fundraising), and the rest of the general committee did an incredible job of planning this event and creating an engaging, informative space for the next generation of women in media.

Words of advice from both alumni and current professors made me even more appreciative of the unique connections that attending UCSB fosters. Make sure to keep up with the club’s latest events, and I hope to see you at the 7th annual conference—I know I’ll be there!

Eva is a second-year Communication major at UC Santa Barbara, where she writes about anything and everything she feels is exciting, fascinating, or entertaining. When she isn't writing for Her Campus, she is usually overthinking, working on one of her projects, or listening to Taylor Swift.
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