UCSB's Elizabeth Small Makes Her Way onto the Big Screen in Box Office Hit

As a freshman, some of my greatest accomplishments included mastering the perfect Freeboards nachos order, making it to my 8a.m.s after a rough night out, and acing my Dance 45 midterm.

Elizabeth Small, a UCSB freshman, is transcending these “basic” freshmen norms and doing a whole lot more. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Lizzy has been acting and singing throughout her youth and is managing to pursue her artistic dreams while simultaneously studying (and having fun) at UCSB.

We sat down with Lizzy to learn more about her budding career as a singer-songwriter and actress.

Her Campus (HC): Tell us about your role in the new movie, Spare Parts.

Elizabeth Small (ES): Filming “Spare Parts” in New Mexico was an incredible experience. Working with actors like Marisa Tomei, Jamie Lee Curtis and George Lopez allowed me to learn so much by just observing their work. In the film, I play the love interest of one of the four main boys, Cristian, and a student from Cornell who competes against the boys in a nationwide Robotics Competition that coincidentally takes place at UCSB! This film is so unique because it is based on a true story and brings to light the idea that we all have the ability to create something out of nothing.

HC: Do you enjoy juggling your career and your schoolwork? Is it easy to manage?

ES: I definitely enjoy juggling my two lives, although at times it can seem daunting because constantly chaotic lifestyle is a lot to manage. I definitely have to strategize- manage my time and use up every second of the day that I can. But being in school gives me the ability to have a balanced life. Sometimes people can become overly focused and obsessed with their career which sometimes lead to resentment, but school gives me the break I need to feel like a so-called  “normal” eighteen year-old. Being in Isla Vista reminds me that enjoying being a college student is perfectly okay, and actually really incredibly fun!

HC: What is your most embarrassing on-screen moment?

ES: One of my most embarrassing on-screen moments is probably when I played an elf in ‘The Santa Clause 3.’ It was super fun to film and a great experience as a kid, but even to this day, people still refer to me as “elf” or “baker elf” as a joke. I guess it’s something I will never live down...HA. One of my first friends in college screamed “elf” to me across campus to get my attention; it’s always a good laugh.

HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

ES: Hmm this is a tough question. I might have to go with Zac Efron just because he was my classic childhood crush! It all started in “High School Musical….”

HC: What do you see coming in your future?

ES: I’m really excited because for the first time ever, on March 22nd, I will be performing my original song “Gravity” at the Boys and Girls Club “Superstars of the Year” event. This will definitely be a new experience for me and I only hope to broaden my live performances. I also plan to enjoy school while continuing acting, writing more music and maybe even creating my own projects.

HC: How will your experience as a college student help you achieve your dreams?

ES: College is an experience that can never be replaced. The things I deal with on a daily basis as a human being contribute to my understanding of how to analyze scripts, understand how to approach certain roles, write new lyrics for a song, or innovate my own product. Everything I deal with and learn at school can be applied to my professional life and I truly believe it can only help me gain more knowledge and success. Especially, learning and undertaking a “busy” schedule (simultaneously going to school and pursuing a professional career) helps me be strategic and reminds me how precious time is.

A member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority, Small is also getting involved on campus socially and philanthropically. She puts her full heart into every commitment she immerses herself in. You can keep up with all things “Small” by following Lizzy on her Twitter and Instagram. Or you can see her on the big screen in her new film, "Spare Parts."

We can’t wait to see what else Lizzy has in store!