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Trying to Figure Out Your Major

People ask you what your major is and you panic a little inside.

You’re interested in everything and nothing at the same time and you don’t know how that’s even possible.

That major looks interesting. Oh, but so does that one . . . and that one . . .

You feel the pressure of figuring out your major soon in fear of not graduating on time.

You struggle to find a major that you think will help you get you a high-paying carer and that you’re interested in at the same time.

You envy people who have already found the major that is right for them.

The truth is, however, that you’re not alone.  About 70% of college students will change their major at least once while the average college student will change their major at least three times, so don’t be afraid to explore!

Whatever major you decide won’t limit your career choices.  More than half of college graduates pursue careers unrelated to their major.  Graduate school and internships are more likely to dictate your career path than your undergraduate major does.  So just focus more on doing whatever interests you and don’t be afraid to take classes outside of your comfort zone.  You’ll be surprised to see what you find interesting.

Sally is a fourth year communication student at UCSB. Her favorite things to do include traveling, eating, and binge watching YouTube videos. In her ideal future, she is either a research professor or market analyst for a digital entertainment company and living in her hometown of LA with a hypoallergenic cat.
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