Things to Do During Finals Week That Aren't Studying

Once dead week and finals week roll around, the only thing any of us seem to be able to do is study. Our brains can only handle information from our classes, and all we think about is passing our tests. It can be a pretty horrible feeling. Studying all day, everyday is not good for you, nor will it help you retain more than you would studying a normal amount. While I know it is difficult to think or do anything that isn’t class related, here are some things to during dead week and finals week that don’t involve studying.

1. Exercise

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It’s always a good idea to get your heart rate up and sweat a little, and doing so during finals week is a great way to maintain high energy, clear your head, and help you sleep better. Exercise serves as a good, healthy way to distract yourself from the impending doom that is finals.

2. Coloring Books

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Coloring is no longer just for little kids! There are numerous amounts of adult coloring books now, and they serve as great stress relievers. Sometimes we all just need to sit down and color away our troubles.

3. Get a meal with some friends

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Everyone will be in a brain fog due to studying overload. It is a great idea to gather up some friends and head out for a meal together. It can be a short visit, but having human interaction outside of the house can do wonders for your mental well being. Being able to talk and laugh with your friends is a great way to cheer up.

4. Spring Cleaning

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With Spring Break so close, a productive way to procrastinate studying is to start cleaning up your stuff. You can just tidy up, or if you are heading home for break, start collecting things that you no longer need with you at school. You can start to clean and pack for Spring Break, which will help you with two things. First, you wont have to pack after you come home for your last final exhausted, and second, a cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. Plus, if you do this, it will make you feel as if you are doing something productive and is a way better choice than binge watching Netflix.

5. Visit the ocean

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It is easy to forget how unbelievable our campus location is. Take some time out of your study schedule to hit the beach for sunset and remember just how lucky you are to be here. Sometimes all we need is our daily dose of vitamin D to get us through the day.